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Maximize Investment Returns, Minimize Risk Using Probabilistic Analytics

From complex derivatives to individual retirement portfolios, Lumivero solutions help investors at all levels achieve their goals.
The financial industry faces emerging risks that include everything from regulatory threats and unstable currencies to cyber risks and expectations from consumers. These constantly-changing uncertainties can negatively impact bottom lines and shareholder value. Financial firms need reliable quantitative data and robust analysis methods to deploy insights that help navigate turbulent times.

Achieve Investor Goals from Individual Retirement Portfolios to Complex Derivatives

Regulation of the banking industry continues to evolve as the public becomes less tolerant of inappropriate practices and demands more transparency, automation, comprehensive services, and fraud protection. Meanwhile, global currency markets are volatile, influenced by local and regional geopolitical forces and trade policy, introducing more uncertainty into international investment decisions. Additionally, individual retirement planning is becoming more complex, and must account for unknowns with respect to pensions, government programs, market volatility, and healthcare. Analytics are a critical piece of the financial puzzle, and Lumivero’s software solutions can be used to address a wide range of finance and banking challenges.

Consumer Financial Products

Every bank looks for competitive advantages by developing new consumer accounts and financial products. @RISK and the DecisionTools Suite bring robust analytics such as Monte Carlo simulation, optimization, decision trees, sensitivity analysis, and predictive data analysis to Microsoft Excel. This enables users of all levels to Qquantify the value of real options, or the right to undertake investment or not, in the face of uncertain future outcomes. Firms can also gain a competitive advantage through the analysis of qualitative data and get help putting together comprehensive reports on findings for upper management. It could make the difference in bringing forth just the right products to win new account-holders in a highly competitive environment.
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Portfolio Optimization and Risk

Optimize multiple portfolio assets (such as stocks, bonds, and real estate) to maximize return while minimizing risk. Perform efficient frontier analysis to identify the best portfolio for a given level of risk. In unpredictable market conditions, banks can optimize portfolio assets like stocks, bonds and real estate by using Lumivero's tools to perform frontier analysis that will show the best portfolio mix for a given level of risk.
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Solid Cybersecurity

Cyber risk is and will continue to be a significant challenge, as bad actors become more sophisticated and motivated. As most banking firms now operate mainly in the digital realm, banks are under growing pressure from consumers, business account holders, and regulators to ensure security against cyber attacks. Using the Monte Carlo simulations, banking executives can see the likelihood of cyberattacks at different levels of investment in security, and ensure they are making the right level of investment to protect themselves and their account holders.
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Currency Hedging

Mitigate exposure to currency volatility through an optimized options and futures strategy that accounts for uncertainty.
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Real Options Valuation

Quantify the value of real options, or the right to undertake an investment or not, in the face of uncertainty.
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Calculate the probability of different losses on a portfolio over a given time period, given uncertain investment outcomes.
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How does Lumivero help those in the Financial industry create impact with their data?

Lumivero provides reliable quantitative data, robust analysis methods and clear guidance on deploying insights that help navigate turbulent times and allow investors at all levels to achieve their goals.

How does the finance industry use market risk analysis?

Facing challenges such as fraud, cyber risks, and volatile global markets, analytics are imperative for improving all outcomes, especially in reducing operating costs. Utilizing quantitative analysis allows one to identify and optimize portfolio assets, mitigate exposure to currency volatility and run simulations to quantify the real options allowing you to create insightful impacts to face uncertain outcomes.

Does Lumivero have quantitative data tools that help with market risk analysis?

Yes, we have a variety of risk analysis tools to allow you to start optimizing your investment returns today.

Featured Case Studies

Portfolio Predictions: Using @RISK to Quantify Portfolio Credit Risk

Federal Home Loan Bank of Indianapolis’ Enterprise Risk Management team needed to be able to create robust credit portfolio loss models that could account for the complex correlations among risk exposures, such as joint default and collateral value correlations.

FiduciaryVest Uses @RISK for Asset Allocation Modeling

By incorporating longer time horizons and probability functions associated with asset classes, analysts at FiduciaryVest used @RISK to answer questions that cannot be addressed using static or optimized financial models.

Rusnano uses the DecisionTools Suite for Nanotechnology Investment Decisions

Rusnano, a private equity firm focused on the development of nanotechnology in Russia, uses the DecisionTools Suite to model projections of different KPIs on two management levels: portfolio management level and investee management level.
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“The @RISK framework gives you robust tools to do sensitivity analysis and optimization, so our model gives us the ability to do a variety of stress testing and what-if analysis on the portfolio.”
Brendan McGrath
Director of Credit Risk Analysis,
Federal Home Loan Bank of Indianapolis
“Using @RISK to get answers to these types of questions helps us give clients real-world insight into what to expect from their portfolio.”
Joe DiNunno
Asset Allocation Strategist, FiduciaryVest
“@RISK allows me to say that I looked at a range of possible outcomes in regard to unknown variables, and based on my analysis incorporating those ranges, I believe lost profits to be X with a reasonable degree of certainty.”
Wayne Winston
David Solis, Solis Financial Forensics LLC


Calculate Portfolio Probability

Lumivero software solutions enable users of all levels to contribute to better decision-making – with or without data, and with or without a statistics background.

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