Mixed Methods Research

Bring Qualitative and Quantitative Data Together To Tell the Whole Story

Lumivero supports both qualitative and quantitative research with a variety of software. However, when you need to combine the two methods—mixed method research—Lumivero’s solutions complement each other to support both sides of the equation.

The result: It’s easy to generate automated insights that incorporate the data from both methods into a complete report that deals with the “why” and the “how much".
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Combining Numbers With Sentiments to Create Clear Insights

The Complete Picture

Qualitative and Quantitative research support and complement each other, as long as they integrate effectively. Let the numbers validate the sentiments, and let the “why” explain the “what.” Lumivero solutions let you combine the two, so both perspectives are part of the insights being created.
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Uncover Insights and Sentiment with Lumivero’s Qualitative Analysis Tools

Qualitative researchers often resist automation because they trust their analytical skills, as they should. NVivo 14 saves researchers time looking for trends and identifying common categories to find the key themes in research. Qualitative researchers will have more time to analyze while their focus group research and in-depth interviews generate data for rigorous findings.
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Assess Risk and Make Better Decisions with Lumivero’s Quantitative Analysis Tools

Once you analyze your qualitative data in NVivo 14, you may wish to query it against quantitative data from Lumivero's (or a third party's) quantitative analysis tool. NVivo 14 enables you to export such data to query it, run regressions, and generate codes and insights that leverage both types of data.

For example, you can directly import demographic or other classification sheets from Lumivero’s @RISK, DecisionTools Suite, XLSTAT quantitative analysis software (or 3rd-party packages like SPSS) into NVivo, then run direct queries using the data as attributes.

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Mixed Methods Research Need Both

Quantitative researchers prefer hard data to the kinds of open-ended responses that come from focus groups, surveys, and interviews. Lumivero supports mixed-method analysis by making qualitative data usable for quantitative analysis. For example, NVivo 14 uses algorithms to generate categories and codes which can be exported for use with Lumivero’s quantitative analysis solutions.

And it works both ways. For example, you can perform analysis in @RISK, then import your quantitative data into NVivo projects, leveraging that data as attributes for even more powerful qualitative insights.

By supporting mixed methods research, Lumivero lets you uncover the “how much” and also the “why.”

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Bring Qualitative and Quantitative Together for Even Deeper Insights

Contact us for more information on how you can combine Lumivero’s NVivo, @RISK, DecisionTools Suite, and other solutions to leverage the power of mixed methods research.
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