Writing & Knowledge management

Write Better and Faster With the Only All-in-One Writing and Referencing Solution

Today’s writers need to gather data, produce, and publish their findings faster than ever. Lumivero’s NVivo and Citavi let you import a wide range of data from thousands of sources into your research or writing project, then organize, analyze, and share that data to turbo-charge your writing.

Knowledge Management to Help You Write More Efficiently with Style

Import Structured and Unstructured Data

With NVivo, you can import and centralize text, audio, video, emails, images, spreadsheets, online surveys, web content, and social media from various sources to a central workspace via a simple, intuitive interface — preparing it for the most in-depth analysis possible.

You can also leverage Lumivero’s seamless integration to share data directly with Citavi, our all-in-one referencing solution that streamlines your writing and presents your results.

Work Faster and More Effectively

Citavi provides centralized reference management for your research and writing projects. It scours files from a catalog of more than 4,500 different sources and brings them all together, allowing you to categorize, group, and add tasks to references in a clean, well-organized project.

With Citavi, you can import PDFs, books, office documents, images, databases, online information, and references in RIS, BibTeX, and ENW formats, Excel tables, Word bibliographies, and more. Plus, you can take notes, annotate imported data, and share data with NVivo.

See The Big Picture

Big projects with tons of sources and references can feel overwhelming. Break your work down into tasks, keep track of important information from your articles, and sift through your sources to find the ones you really need – alone or in a team.

Citavi lets you organize your knowledge any way you want with:

  • Flexible, multi-level categories
  • Keywords and groups
  • Labels and filters
  • And more

Then Citavi can generate a comprehensive outline of your writing project, automatically adding the citation information.

Data Security Made Easy

Citavi is the only reference management program for teams that gives you the option of storing your information on your own server instead of in the cloud. Individuals can also choose between local and online projects. Citavi automatically creates backups so you never lose your information.

Whether you have strict data requirements and need to keep all your information in-house or whether you’re collaborating on an informal group paper, Citavi is designed for secure teamwork.

  • Share projects with others
  • Citavi for DBServer
  • Organize teamwork in Citavi Cloud

Write With Style

Say goodbye to the tedium of formatting citations and bibliographies. Citavi automates the citation process, creating bibliographies in your specified format. It offers over 11,000 citation styles including APA, Chicago, MLA, Turabian, OS 690—you name it, or you can request your own. Citavi also integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Word and Google Docs.

With Citavi, writer’s block is a thing of the past. You focus on your writing while Citavi takes care of the formal requirements.

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