Decision Analytics

Decisions Based on Real Facts, Solid Analysis, and a Clear View of Outcomes

Experience and intuition are critical to decision-making. Still, every effective leader wants reliable data and clear analytics to confident decisions. Lumivero’s unmatched data solutions forecast likely outcomes of scenarios, and the probability each will occur, to help guide your decision-making process. 
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Real Insight with Probabilistic Analysis to Guide Decisions

Before You Decide, Get a Glimpse of the Outcomes Based on Real Data

Every leader has to make decisions based on a combination of experience, objective facts, variables, and subjective inclinations. What is the likelihood of going over budget? Will current portfolio strategies maximize return and minimize risk? How can you measure the risk/reward proposition of capital acquisitions or facility expansions? DecisionTools Suite does more than crunch data. This software runs simulations and presents clear reports from you qualitative data analysis, showing you what to expect and why. It’s the clearest vision on the market today of where your decisions can lead and why.
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Capital Insight

What level of capital reserves do you need to protect against risk - whether excessive claims against an insurer or a market downtown for a product manufacturer? Lumivero tools can account for unknown variables and forecast future threats to help you determine optimal levels of capital reserves.
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Portfolio Provisions

How can you determine the possible performance of portfolios or programs based on different strategic decisions? DecisionTools Suite simulates the likely performance of assets under various decision scenarios to show you what to expect and why.
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Monte Carlo Models

@RISK runs Monte Carlo simulations which account for the presence of numerous variables in determining the likelihood of various outcomes. Every leader has to consider unknown variables in making decisions. With Lumivero’s solution suite, the unknown becomes known.
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Account for Uncertain Factors

Lumivero’s Suite allows the creation of the most accurate decision analysis models anywhere, while maintaining point-and-click ease-of-use.
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