Mitigate Risks

Probabilistic Risk Analysis in Excel

From the financial to the scientific, anyone who faces uncertainty in their quantitative analyses can benefit from @RISK. @RISK integrates directly into Microsoft Excel and employs Monte Carlo simulation to map out all possible scenarios and the probability they will occur – taking the guesswork out of big decisions. With @RISK, you can calculate the chances of making money on your next venture, staying within budget, and more to plan strategies with confidence. Buy now or request a free trial to start uncovering new opportunities.
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Make Decisions With Confidence

@RISK (pronounced “at risk”) software is an add-in tool for Microsoft Excel that helps you make better decisions through risk modeling and analysis. It does this using a technique known as Monte Carlo simulation. @RISK’s Monte Carlo analysis computes and tracks many different possible future scenarios in your risk model, showing you the probability of each occurring. In this way, @RISK shows you virtually all possible outcomes for any situation. This probabilistic approach makes @RISK a powerful tool that you can use to judge which risks to take and which ones to avoid — critical insight in today’s uncertain world.

Enable Endless Applications

As the pace of change in business continues to increase, organizations are challenged to increase margins and explore new opportunities for growth, all while reducing risk. @RISK is designed to meet these challenges.
Investment Planning & Portfolio Optimization. Simulate multiple portfolio assets (such as stocks, bonds, real estate, or projects) to maximize return while minimizing risk. Calculate Value-at-Risk, or the probability of different losses on a portfolio.
Cost Estimation. Get an accurate probabilistic estimate of materials and labor costs throughout the entire project. Understand the likelihood of going over budget under a variety of scenarios.
Engineering Reliability. Using Six Sigma calculations, gain insight into confidence levels around the risk of equipment failure or safety violations. Identify areas of weakness to ensure quality results and prevent failures.
Capital Reserves. Probabilistically forecast future claims or losses in order to determine optimal reserve levels. Perform stress testing on high-impact, low-probability events.
Oil, Gas, & Mineral Reserves. Assess the likelihood of prospective sites containing oil, natural gas, metals, or other minerals. Probabilistically estimate reserves and production decline in order to make wise drilling decisions.

Get Insights for Better Decisions

While @RISK provides sophisticated analytics, don’t be intimidated. All techniques @RISK uses are intuitive applications that integrate seamlessly with your existing Excel spreadsheets and provide actionable results with point-and-click ease.
Monte Carlo Simulation. By sampling different possible inputs, @RISK calculates thousands of possible future outcomes and the chances they will occur. This helps you avoid likely hazards — and uncover hidden opportunities.
100% Excel Integration. @RISK integrates seamlessly with Excel’s function set and ribbon, letting you work in a familiar environment with results you can trust.
Sensitivity Analysis. @RISK identifies and ranks the most important factors driving your risks so you can plan strategies — and resources — accordingly.
Graphs and Reports. @RISK offers a wide variety of customizable, exportable graphing and reporting options that let you communicate risk to all stakeholders.
Extensive Modeling Features. With a broad library of probability distributions, data fitting tools, and correlation modeling, @RISK lets you represent any scenario in any industry with the highest level of accuracy.

Enterprise Licensing
Better Research, Insights, and Outcomes for All

Whether your organization’s focus is qualitative, quantitative, or mixed methods data analysis, we can help your whole team work better together — collaborating to aggregate, organize, analyze, and present your findings. Lumivero’s enterprise licensing options offer volume pricing for teams and organizations needing nine (9) or more licenses.

Enterprise licenses allow the flexibility to install Lumivero software and solutions on multiple computers (up to the maximum number of licenses that your site has purchased) with a centralized management solution.

Lumivero’s team-based solutions allow you to:

Stay up-to-date with free upgrades to the latest releases
Reduce IT costs with one platform deployed across your organization
Reassign licenses to different users as teams evolve
Centralize license and subscription management in one place
Streamline budget allocation, especially for smaller groups and consultancy firms
Enjoy a Dedicated Customer Success Manager and pro-rated rates for new users

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