Better Insights, Better Decisions

Powerful Tools For Mixed Method Research and Decision Making

Create actionable insights, uncover trends, simulate scenarios to help with decision-making and measure ongoing results. Lumivero’s experts have created a software suite that gives you new ways to illuminate insights, decode data and collaborate for productivity. 

Software To Aid in Developing, Analyzing, Presenting, Managing and Deploying Data

The most complete collection of research, data and decision-making tools available anywhere



Extract actionable insights from qualitative and mixed methods data with software that makes it easier than ever for teams to collaborate and produce outstanding work together. With NVivo, research collaboration has never been as easier.

NVivo Transcription

Optimize your qualitative and mixed methods data analysis with NVivo Transcription – your automated transcription assistant. Skip the time-consuming transcription process and focus on unlocking insights from your data with NVivo Transcription.

NVivo Collaboration Cloud

Securely share data, expertise, and insights across research teams with NVivo’s Collaboration Cloud. By harnessing the power of the cloud to host NVivo projects – NVivo Collaboration Cloud provides teams with a secure way to store data, team analyses, and master project files


Change how you source, organize, write and publish your work, with the only all-in-one notetaking and reference management application that streamlines your writing experience. With Citavi, your presentation is half-written before you even start.


Optimize workforce readiness by streamlining the process of placing, tracking and monitoring students who are completing field education projects in the workplace. Sonia provides placements, data management and compliance, and flexibility to scale, all in one platform.


Evaluate risk with probabilistic risk analysis and modeling in Excel — including Monte Carlo Simulation — helping you make well-informed decisions based on facts and a clear understanding of possible outcomes.

DecisionTools Suite

Take the guesswork out of big decisions and plan strategies with confidence. With DecisionTools Suite, you get a complete risk and analysis toolkit which integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Excel.


Analyze, customize, and share your results within Microsoft Excel using XLSTAT, our powerful yet flexible statistical add-on with over 300 standard to advanced statistical features available.
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The All-in-One Education Management Platform™
Elevate and streamline your program with a single field experience, assessment management, and program outcomes solution.

The Software Suite for Decoding Data

Lumivero provides the widest array of solutions for analyzing data, enabling insights and driving confident, knowledge-based decisions.

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