Risk Management

Mitigate Risk, Seize Opportunities for Growth

From financial service firms to manufacturers to scientists, uncertainty in quantitative analysis means risk. Lumivero’s tools remove the uncertainty by analyzing different scenarios and presenting the probability of their occurrence. That lets you decide more confidently which risks are worth taking, which to avoid, and how to optimize growth opportunities.
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Reveal Underlying Risks by Modeling All Possible Scenerios

Monte Carlo Simulations

Lumivero offers tools that compute and track possible future scenarios using Monte Carlo simulations. These are computerized, mathematical techniques to calculate the likelihood of any given scenario occurring, thus empowering you to account for risk in your decision-making. Look into every possible outcome, understand its probability, and confidently make decisions based on the easy-to-read reports.
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Impactful Decision Power

Corporate leadership is ready to launch a new venture, but much is still unknown. What is the probability the new venture will make money or take a loss, and why? Is the planned budget sufficient, or will the company need a contingency? You could go around the room and get everyone’s opinions, or you can see for yourself with Lumivero’s tools. By running simulations based on known data, you can see the probability of each potential outcome and choose strategies with confidence.
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Sensitivity Analysis

Leaders consider many factors when making decisions, but not every factor has the same impact. Using sensitivity analysis with Lumivero’s tools, decision-makers can see which inputs have the most significant impact on outcomes, so they can prioritize the strategies that get the critical factors right.
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Insights In Excel

Running Monte Carlo simulations with a Lumivero tool doesn’t require you to implement and learn an entirely new software platform. It’s an add-on to Excel so you can run all these scenarios and gain the insight you need while using a foundational platform with which you and your colleagues are already familiar.
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Determine How to Mitigate Risks

The data is clear – successful organizations incorporate risk management throughout their strategy, making it a consideration with every conversation. If you don’t know what is causing the risk, you can’t begin to mitigate it. Get started with Lumivero’s quantitative analysis software today.
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