Easily Gather and Organize Your External Sources into Your Research and Writing Projects

Projects involving qualitative research and writing up your findings require gathering and importing from a myriad of sources including text, video, audio, image files, social media, web sites, and survey data.

Lumivero solutions let you quickly gather, collect, and organize files from all these sources so you can start analyzing and writing. Plus, you’ll never have to worry about losing a reference or citation again.

Aggregate, Collect & Organize, So You Can Tell the Story

As a data analyst, you’re always searching for sources that help complete your insights. With those sources coming from multiple locations and in structured and unstructured formats, they can be a challenge to coordinate. Lumivero's tools help you collect, translate, and organize video, audio, images, web pages, PDFs, documents, books, and reference libraries in a central project that lets you quickly and easily find the information you need.
Lumivero provides a number of solutions that address these needs. For example, NVivo lets you import audio, video, text, social media, and more into your research project. Citavi provides centralized reference management for your research and writing projects. NVivo Transcription provides secure, automated, and accurate transcriptions from 28+ languages. And that’s just the start!

Enjoy the Freedom that Centralized Reference Management, Writing & Collaboration Offers

Everyone conducting research in today’s world faces the common challenges of time constraints, remote collaboration, information overload, and how to keep data, notes, and references organized. Lumivero can provide tools to collect, translate, annotate, and organize structured and unstructured data from thousands of sources, making sourcing and managing your knowledge a breeze.
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