Field-Based Education

A New Standard for Managing Students in Workplace Programs

Streamline the process of placing, tracking, and monitoring students taking on workplace programs. Lumivero’s flexible solutions integrate with your current learning management program, allowing you to consolidate placement programs while more easily managing experiential programs - and boosting student satisfaction.

Solutions for Field Experience Management

Unified Approach for Personalized Placement

Manage user placement programs in any discipline with efficiency and ease with Sonia. Leverage other Lumivero tools to conduct performance and feedback studies that could inform decisions and reveal opportunities for improvement to programs, student experiences, and stakeholder relationships.
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Robust Reporting

Multi-faceted reporting structures provide full transparency. With Sonia’s integrated reporting tools, you gain visibility across all aspects of your program’s performance. Pair Sonia with other Lumivero tools to publish insights on your placement programs and share forecasted milestones.
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Continuous Improvement with Trusted Solutions

Further enhance experiential programs and processes through a software suite that ensures cohesion. The level of responsiveness, knowledge, customer service, and training Lumivero provides is vital for building capacity and knowledge among your colleagues.
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Manage Emergencies Effectively

During fast-evolving emergency situations, the use of forms and notifications are invaluable. Sonia enables fast deployment of new forms related to safety, new district processes, and tracking. Lumivero tools can help you anticipate risks and make trustworthy decisions to manage crises as they arise.
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Centralize Placement Operations

Enable your team to streamline recurring processes such as sending placement lists to principals or kick-off communications to supervisors and students each semester; while monitoring completion with university and field site requirements.

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