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Researchers know their jobs and how they want to approach their work. We just make it easier for you to create insights and deliver actionable outcomes. Let the tools of Lumivero drive your research.

Technology to Streamline, Accelerate and Strengthen Research

A lot is asked of researchers — gathering data, insightful analysis, maintenance of citations, development of impactful research papers and presentations. Demanding precision and excellent data management throughout the research process, researchers rely on tools they can trust. 

Lumivero offers a suite of comprehensive tools that set the standard of research products today. Collaborate seamlessly in real-time with colleagues while deploying tools to draw out solid metrics from both quantitative and qualitative input. Write and edit presentations while organizing sources, automating bibliographies, and easily aggregating material from outside sources for final reports. Lumivero research and data analysis tools create insights and help produce the data needed for influential reports and presentations.

Analysis to Clarify Metrics

Qualitative data from interviews and focus groups tells the why but has been historically difficult to analyze and quantify. Lumivero software tools help by automatically transcribing interviews and focus group dialogue, and by running analysis to identify and catalog patterns, trends, and codes to produce measures from qualitative data that lead to actionable insight.
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A Hand in Writing

Researchers are not always natural writers, but they are expected to produce powerful and compelling reports from their work. The powerful tools in Lumivero’s software suite help by automatically generating outlines while you work so you have a head start on the writing, organize sources to automate bibliographies (preventing unintentional plagiarism), and easily embed outside sources including text, image files, audio files, and videos, so your report is well-written and well-supported by facts and accompanying material.
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Team Collaboration

Researchers often work in teams, and they deserve an experience that makes collaboration as easy as if everyone was sitting in the same room together. Lumivero's software solutions enable powerful team collaboration, so your teams can make additions and notations to data simultaneously in real time, with everything automatically saved and easily shared. Teamwork is smoother, and outcomes are more complete.
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Everything You Need to Know 
to Elevate Your Research

How does Lumivero help those in research create impact with their data?

Lumivero offers a suite of comprehensive tools that set the standard of research products today. Our solutions help you seamlessly collaborate with colleagues in real-time while they draw out solid metrics from both quantitative and qualitative data. We can also aid you in writing and editing presentations while aggregating and organizing your sources, automating bibliographies, and producing your final reports. We even assist with placement and assessment of students in the field. 

How does Lumivero help mixed methods researchers?

Lumivero supports both qualitative and quantitative research with a variety of software. However, when you need to combine the two methods—mixed method research—Lumivero’s solutions complement each other to support both sides of the equation.

How does Lumivero help organize research data?

Our writing and knowledge management solutions provide centralized reference management for your research and writing projects. It scours files from a catalog of more than 4,500 different sources and brings them all together, allowing you to categorize, group and add tasks to references in a clean, well-organized fashion to make managing sources and references easy.

Featured Case Studies

From journalism to research and evaluation: a research journey

Dr. Anupama Shekar shares her story for ensuring equitable access to quality education, no matter a child’s economic circumstance, and how it took her from a career in journalism in India, to post-doctoral research in the U.S. 

NVivo in mixed methods research

NVivo has a long history of assisting qualitative researchers with managing, and analyzing their data, and being a part of complex research. What you might be interested to know, is that NVivo is also being used by mixed methods researchers to help get a wider picture of the data they’re examining.

The Power of Research and Truth for UX professional

NVivo shows its power in providing defensible findings, in the field of User Experience research.
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“I use Citavi for my scientific work in research. Citavi has a cloud access which I think is great. The application runs extremely reliably. If questions arise, there is a wide range of tutorials and communities. I think it has become the benchmark in reference management.”
Pierre S.
Marketing Advisor
“NVivo was a great tool for me to use then because we were working with a lot of diverse data, and it ended up providing great insights.”
Dr. Anupama Shekar, Ph.D.
Evaluation Consultant, Southern Methodist University
“NVivo is the perfect tool for our needs, especially its ability to analyze audio files. Coming from an academic research background, I was quite familiar with the methodology, but I have also been able to easily teach the software to our other staff who come from a range of different professional backgrounds.”
Rose Whitau
Research Manager, Shooting Stars – Midwest Gascoyne

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