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Lumivero can apply its software to custom-designed solutions that integrate perfectly with your existing system. Let our technical experts work with you to build an individualized solution that integrates the best of our software solutions.

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We offer extensive training to ensure you understand how to get the full value out of our tools. With so many insights to be found, we will show you how to discover it all.

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Take @RISK and DecisionTools Suite out of Excel

Lumivero’s Custom Runtime (LCR) is a programming toolkit for adding the power of @RISK and DecisionTools functionality to any Windows application. It allows creation of custom applications outside the spreadsheet environment, such as over the web, a corporate network, or desktop Windows systems. Our technical team can harness a variety of DecisionTools technologies for use in your custom solution, including Monte Carlo simulation, graphs and reports, and probability distribution fitting from @RISK, optimization from RISKOptimizer and Evolver, neural networks from NeuralTools, and more. In addition, applications can use an entirely customized interface or elements of existing DecisionTools interfaces as desired.

Web Distribution

Web solutions can allow users to access their application from any browser, anywhere in the world. The @RISK Monte Carlo simulation functionality supports multithreading, allowing the development of scalable web applications. For instance, a brokerage firm may deploy a financial planning tool over the web, enabling analysts in remote offices to enter model parameters, run analyses, and view results. Model structure, logic, and libraries are all stored on a web server, ensuring consistency for all end-users and removing local installation and support issues.

Flexible Licensing

Unlike an Excel-based solution, users of an LCR solution do not need to have a full license of @RISK or other DecisionTools software installed to run their application. Instead, LCR libraries are licensed and installed, so end-users don’t even need to have Excel installed on their computers. LCR licensing is handled on a subscription basis, ensuring ongoing maintenance and support and providing more flexibility for budgeting.

Experience the Power of Lumivero Today, Customized for You

Lumivero’s software solutions are powerful tools for your qualitative, quantitative, and mixed method data initiatives. But we're here for you if you have a special request or want a turnkey customization to elevate your process.
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