Transcription and Native Language Processing

Focus on Your Analysis, Not Transcribing Interviews

For qualitative research, interviews, and open-ended surveys are essential. Don’t drudge through hundreds of text, audio, and video files in languages from around the world. Lumivero’s HIPAA and GDPR compliant Transcription and Native Language Processing options save you time and money—and get you back to your analysis of the data faster.

Powerful Automated Transcription 
that Frees You to Focus on
Analyzing Your Data

Powerful, Automated, and Accurate Transcription for Higher Confidence

When conducting qualitative and mixed method research, transcribing interviews and other audio/video files is essential, but it can be extremely time-consuming—especially when accuracy is critical. Using the latest automation technology, our automated transcription solutions provide verbatim transcription with 90% accuracy from quality recordings.

With transcriptions this precise, you gain the freedom to focus on analyzing your data—and the confidence that it is accurate.

Native Language Processing to Extend the Reach of Your Research

When your research and analysis requires input from around the globe, you need transcription services that can span the barriers of language and dialect. Besides its speed and accuracy, Lumivero’s transcriptions handle text, audio, and video file in 28 languages. (If you need another language, contact us.)

And you get clear, accurate transcripts in about half the time required to listen to your audio or video file.

Quick and Secure Uploading for Data Privacy Compliance

As data privacy standards continue to evolve, analysts can’t afford to let their text, audio, and video files—not to mention their transcripts—fall into the wrong hands.

With Lumivero, you can upload a wide array of audio and video file formats to our online platform directly and securely from your computer or mobile device. All uploaded data is encrypted and securely stored to protect participant privacy according to strict confidentiality principles, HIPAA standards, and GDPR compliance.

Simple Editing and Enrichment—And Ready for Analysis

Fast, accurate transcription is just the beginning. Now it’s time to get those files ready for analysis.

Our rich text editor lets you quickly review the automated transcription, tag speakers, add notes, and make changes as needed. When you finish, you can directly import the transcript into qualitative analysis tools like Lumivero’s NVivo, export it as Microsoft Word, or text files for external uses.

Get Fast, Reliable, and Accurate Transcription in 28 Languages

See for yourself how our powerful automated transcription technology can deliver accurate transcripts that you can easily annotate and use directly in your data analysis. Get started and upload 15 minutes of audio to NVivo Transcription for free.
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