Publish with More Impact, Less Effort

No other collection of research and data tools offers this many forms of assistance for researchers preparing to publish their findings. Create insights through published work that’s striking, highly organized, and well-supported. And do it all with far less manual effort required from you.

Publishing Power that Sends Ripples Through Your Industry

More Compelling Papers with Fewer Manual Steps

Citavi allows you to get a head start on organizing your insights with automatically generated outlines that set you on the right path of presenting your data, your analysis, and your findings in a clear and convincing manner.

Faster Referencing with Searchable Sources

Collect data from your qualitative and mixed methods research to fuel deeper insights.

Then track and view sources in Citavi by categories you define to streamline your writing process and prepare your writing project for publication. Plus, once you select a citation style, all the references you cite appear automatically in the bibliography, already properly formatted.

Publish Digestible and Shareable Insights

Lumivero offers several compatible tools that transform complex data from quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods research into intuitive visualizations. Share information and data in a comprehensive way to ensure your audience has a shared understanding of your insights.

Showcase Your Insights

Our world-class solutions support those who research to discover, interpret, and share their findings and information to make a difference in their industries.

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