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We offer extensive training to ensure you understand how to get the full value out of our tools. With so many insights to be found, let us help you discover them all.

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Getting Started Workshops

Lumivero’s Getting Started Workshops are half-day, live web-based training classes that teach you how to start applying @RISK to your Excel models right away.
Classes are interactive software training and decision modeling lessons.
Instructors are skilled in a wide range of industries.
Learn about Monte Carlo simulations, adding inputs and outputs to your models, choosing distributions, and running simulations.
Getting Started Workshops are delivered by an expert instructor via an interactive web meeting. You can avoid travel time and costs while still interacting with the instructor and group. It’s the best way to get up and running fast!

Also consider Lumivero’s three-day Live Web Training classes which cover model-building in a range of industries as well as powerful analytical features.

Please note, rates are per participant.

Half-Day Classes Delivered Online

These hands-on workshops are designed to help new users of @RISK get started using Monte Carlo simulations to model uncertainty in their risk or decision analysis projects. You will learn about Monte Carlo simulations, adding inputs and outputs to your models, choosing a distribution, and running simulations to help with your analysis.

Attendees will be introduced to the concepts and methods necessary to simulate potential future outcomes, develop a risk assessment, and make defensible decisions under uncertainty.

How the Training Courses are Organized

We provide you with course material that gives you both the general principles and detailed information about each method studied.

At your request, an XLSTAT license key will be provided for the duration of the course.

They are organized around practical case studies to allow participants to assimilate all the concepts.

You can register at any time until the day before the session. To register, we only need the signed agreement and quote.

At the end of the program, you will receive a 10% discount on your next license purchase.

Our trainings can be held at your premises, online, or in a another preferred location.”

Handicap and Disability

Learners with visual, auditory, or cognitive disabilities may need to adapt their computer tools. All our sessions can be organized remotely or on your premises. For learners who need more time, we advise choosing an intra-company session to adapt the pace of the training.

Our disability advisor is at your disposal. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Upcoming Training Courses

You can register for one of our scheduled courses or contact us for a customized training course. All of our courses are available in virtual classrooms.

Interested in a Virtual Coaching Session or Group Workshop to learn more about NVivo?

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We offer extensive training to ensure our users understand how to get the full value out of our tools. With so many insights to be found, we will show you how to discover them all.
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