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On-demand Lumivero Virtual Conference Highlights

Lumivero Virtual Conference 2023 Highlights

Better Together for Better Insights, Research, and Outcomes. Recording highlights available.

Lumivero Virtual Conference 2023 Highlights

Join us as we dive into the world of data in our free virtual conference! We’re bringing researchers and Lumivero software users together to learn and connect for better insights when analyzing statistical and qualitative research to create outcomes that drive impactful decisions. Plus, we’ll discuss proven methods for reporting, presenting, and organizing data and ways to manage student work placement programs that ensure student success.

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Lumivero Virtual Conference 2023

70+ Presentations
20+ Product Workshops
8 Keynote Industry Leader Speakers
Days of Insights
1 Experience for Better Insights, Research, and Outcomes

Keynote Presentations

Keynote Topic: 

Building Student Self-Efficacy and Appreciation for Data-Intensive Coursework

Greg C. Ashley, PhD

Greg C. Ashley, PhD

Program Director of Ph.D. in Human Capital Management, Professor

My path to academia was different than most. After graduating with a bachelor's degree in the 1970s, I began a career with a regional telephone company in the U.S. During my tenure, I acquired an MBA and MA in economics. I enjoyed the academic context so much that I decided to change my career. In 2004, I took a buy-out from the company and became a full-time student. In 2009, I graduated with a PhD in industrial/organizational psychology from the University of Nebraska. I was hired at Bellevue University and am now a full professor and doctoral program director. I primarily teach multivariate statistics courses. I also oversee several dissertations. I am a self-described statistical software nerd and enjoy working with several products, especially XLSTAT.

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Keynote Topic: 

Data Analysis is Relationship Analysis: De/colonizing Points of Consideration in Qualitative Research

Kakali Bhattacharya, PhD

Kakali Bhattacharya, PhD

Professor in Research, Evaluation, and Measurements Program, University of Florida

Dr. Kakali Bhattacharya is a professor at the University of Florida, housed in the Research, Evaluation, and Measurement Program. Her work has made spaces in interdisciplinary de/colonizing work and qualitative research where creativity and contemplative approaches are legitimized and seen as gateways for cultivating depth, integrity, expansive inquiry, and discovering critical insights. Substantively, she explores transnational issues of race, class, and gender in higher education. She is the 2018 winner of AERA’s Mid-Career Scholar of Color Award and the 2018 winner of AERA’s Mentoring Award from Division G: Social Context of Education. Her co-authored text with Kent Gillen, Power, Race, and Higher Education: A Cross-Cultural Parallel Narrative, won a 2017 Outstanding Publication Award from AERA (SIG 168) and a 2018 Outstanding Book Award from the International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry. She is the 2020 winner of the Mary Frances Early College of Education Distinguished Alumni Award for research from the University of Georgia.

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Keynote Topic: 

An equity framework offering: Strengthen your practice as a leader, educator, and decision-maker.

Divya Bheda, PhD

Education Consultant, Divya Bheda Consulting Services: Capacity-Building for Change and Equity

Dr. Bheda is an education consultant with over 15 years of experience leading educator professional development in brick and mortar, and online learning contexts She has led continuous improvement and DEI efforts at UT Austin, National University, and in the WSCUC region. Dr. Bheda is a leader in culturally relevant program evaluation, transformative outcomes assessment, and effective strategic planning for continuous improvement across all departments, disciplines, and divisions in higher education. Her national and international workshops, panels, and keynotes focus on educational best practices to serve students. She imbues social justice in all she offers and champions equity and organizational responsiveness for student success. As a people developer and organizational capacity builder in the higher ed, non-profit, and ed tech spaces, she has facilitated, guided, and mentored many on the path to educational activism and meaningful change. She holds a PhD in Critical and Socio-Cultural Studies in Education, an M.S. in Educational Leadership, and an M.A. in Mass Communication.

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Keynote Topic: 

Improving Your Survey Questions to Improve Your Results

Dana Linnell, PhD

Dana Linnell, PhD

Assistant Professor, Psychology Department, Program Director, MS Applied Psychology, University of Wisconsin-Stout

Dana Linnell Wanzer, PhD is an assistant professor of psychology in evaluation in the psychology department at UW-Stout. She teaches evaluation courses to students in the MS in Applied Psychology program, as well as statistics and intro psychology. Her research focuses on the evaluation profession, including defining evaluation, data visualization practices in evaluation, the role of politics in evaluation, and more. Her research emphasizes open science practices and reproducibility, namely through the Open Science Framework and reproducible data analysis scripts in R. She has been a member of the American Evaluation Association since 2014 and is currently on the Conference Advisory Group and co-Program Chair for the Research on Evaluation Topical Interest Group.

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Workshop Topic:

Designing Conceptual Frameworks for Qualitative Research Studies

Johnny Saldaña

Johnny Saldaña

Professor Emeritus, Arizona State University

Johnny Saldaña is Professor Emeritus from Arizona State University’s School of Film, Dance, and Theatre. He is the author of Longitudinal Qualitative Research: Analyzing Change through Time, Fundamentals of Qualitative Research, The Coding Manual for Qualitative Researchers, Thinking Qualitatively: Methods of Mind, Ethnotheatre: Research from Page to Stage, Writing Qualitatively: The Selected Works of Johnny Saldaña, co-author with the late Miles and Huberman for Qualitative Data Analysis: A Methods Sourcebook, and co-author with Matt Omasta for Qualitative Research: Analyzing Life. Saldaña’s qualitative methods works have been cited and referenced in more than 30,000 research studies conducted in over 135 countries

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Workshop Topic:

How to Effectively Communicate @Risk and DecisionTools to Senior Management

webinar bio jd soloman

JD Solomon, PE, CRE, CMRP

Founder of JD Solomon, Inc.

JD Solomon’s company is focused on solutions for project development, asset management, and facilitation. His technical expertise includes probabilistic analysis, root cause analysis, risk management, and systems engineering. JD's past senior leadership roles include Vice President at two Fortune 500 companies, Town Manager for a unit of local government, and Chairman of a state environmental rulemaking commission. JD is the author of two books, “Facilitating with FINESSE” and “Communicating Reliability, Risk, and Resiliency to Decision Makers: How to Get Your Boss’s Boss to Understand.” JD’s education and technical credentials include a BS In Civil Engineering, an MBA from the University of South Carolina, and a professional certificate in Strategic Decisions and Risk Management from Stanford University. He is a licensed professional engineer in North and South Carolina. JD’s current certifications include Certified Reliability Engineer, Certified Maintenance & Reliability Professional, Six Sigma Black Belt, and Lean Management.

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Workshop Topic:

Current trends and challenges for quality work-integrated learning in the higher education curriculum

Karsten Zegwaard

Karsten Zegwaard

Director of Work-Integrated Learning Research, University of Waikato, New Zealand

Karsten Zegwaard is Director of Work-Integrated Learning Research at the University of Waikato, New Zealand. Zegwaard is Editor-in-Chief for the International Journal of Work-Integrated Learning, co-editor of the Routledge International Handbook of Work-Integrated Learning (3rd edition), president of Work-Integrated Learning NZ (WILNZ), and executive board member of WACE (the international WIL association). Zegwaard has been the recipient of several international awards and has been involved with work-integrated learning since 1998 and was actively involved with the university-wide role out of compulsory WIL within the undergraduate curriculum. Zegwaard has a broad research focus, including trends in WIL practice and research literature, employability enhancement, professional identity development, quality practice, and WIL staff professional development needs.

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Keynote Topic:

Embracing the Writing Feedback Process

Sharon Zumbrunn, Ph.D

Sharon Zumbrunn, Ph.D.

Professor, Virginia Commonwealth University

Sharon Zumbrunn is a Professor of Educational Psychology and Director of the Motivation in Context Research Lab at Virginia Commonwealth University. As a feelings-and-learning-ologist, she spends a whole lot of time thinking about and studying writing motivation and self-regulation. She has published several research articles on the writing context, writing self-efficacy, writing attitudes, perceptions of feedback, and writing strategies. Importantly, she self-identifies as a struggling writer ... depending on the day.

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Conference Tracks

The focus of the conference is on the impact of data analysis methods and student placement management:
• Statistical Methods and Applications
• Qualitative Research Methods
• Mixed Methods
• Risk Management
• Collaboration
• Student Placement and Work Integrated Learning
• Writing and Reference Management

Conference Workshops

Workshops: 90 minutes

The workshops are hands on presentations showing best practices on methods, analysis, or how to use Lumivero software: Citavi, NVivo, @RISK, DecisionTools Suite, Sonia, and XLSTAT.
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Citavi Workshops

  • Literature Review Writing: Engaging the Reader with What's Gone Before – Dr. Robert Thomas
  • How to Use Citavi and NVivo for Your Literature Review – Dr. Stacy Penna
  • Revolutionizing Policies and Framework Management with Citavi in the Analytics Age – Anis Zakaria

NVivo Workshops with NVivo Certified Trainers

  • Harnessing NVivo Classifications for your Research Design – Christina Silver, PhD

  • Teamwork with NVivo – Laura Lagendyk

  • Qualitative & Mixed Methods Program Evaluation Using NVivo – Noelle Wyman Roth

  • Practical Application of Reflexive Thematic Analysis in NVivo – Dr. Ben Meehan

  • Managing and Analyzing Mixed Methods Data with NVivo – Dr. Pat Bazeley

  • Using NVivo for Literature Reviews – Dr. Anuja Cabraal

  • Visual Insights Using NVivo – Dr. Stuart Robertson

@RISK Workshop with @RISK Trainers and Consultants

  • A Deep Dive into the Power of @RISK Distribution Fitting - Manuel Carmona

  • Use Cases of @RISK in Multiple Industries - Jose Orellana

  • Time Series Forecasting with @RISK 8.5 Industrial – Dr. Steve Van Drew

  • Pre-Mitigation and Post-Mitigation Model with @RISK's SRA (Schedule Risk Assessment) - Dr. Jose Raul Castro

  • How to implement a Risk Register into Lumivero's SRA - Jose Emiliano Garcia

XLSTAT Workshop with XLSTAT Trainers

  • How to Use XLSTAT for Statistical Analysis - Manuel Carmona

  • Dive into the World of Sensory Data Analysis with XLSTAT - Thalia Anagnostou

Sonia Workshops with Sonia Experts

  • Interview Options in Sonia - Abigail Binger
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Session Presentations

Presentations: 30 minutes

The presentations include a description of the research project with methods, data collection, analysis, and findings. If Lumivero software was used, then an explanation on how it impacted the research project is included.
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Qualitative Research Methods

  • Lumivero Early Career Researcher Grant Winner: Parents’ Barriers and Facilitators to Building Better Days

  • Disruption and the Rise of AI: Exploring the Role of Technology in Qualitative Research

  • Lumivero Early Career Researcher Grant Winner: Parents’ Barriers and Facilitators to Building Better Days

  • Qualitative Synthesis and Its Application to a Review of Lethal Means Counseling Interventions

  • Using NVivo and Qualitative Research Methodologies to Write a Scoping Review about Project ECHO for Cancer Care

  • Using NVivo Software In Analyzing Qualitative, Quantitative, And Social Media Data

  • Literature Review With NVivo-How To Streamline Your Literature Review Process with NVivo

  • Game Changer – Systematic Literature Review Analysis using NVivo

  • Flexibility & Iteration: Exploring the Potential of Large Language Models in Developing and Refining Interview Protocols

Risk Management

  • Financial Evaluation of Changing Business Scenarios with @RISK: A Case Study

  • Leading Practices in Defining Risk Tolerance

  • Evaluating Optimal Commodity Hedges using @RISK

  • Probabilistic Time Series Forecasting of Refined Petroleum Product Demand for Optimal Resource Allocation in an Integrated Oil Value Chain

  • Building Better Oil & Gas Companies Through Enhancing the Finance Function with a Probabilistic Approach Using @RISK

Statistical Methods and Applications

  • A Simple Process to Analyze Free Sorting Data Given Incomplete Block Designs

  • Variants of the FIMIX-PLS Clustering Method in the Context of Structural Equation Models

  • Longitudinal Education and Career Outcomes of a Cancer Research Training Program for Underrepresented Students: The Meharry-Vanderbilt-Tennessee State University Cancer Partnership

  • ChatGPT in Statistics Education: A Learning Activity to Foster Statistical Thinking

Student Placement and Work Integrated Learning

  • The Utilization of Sonia as a Tool to Increase Collaboration, Efficiency, and to Monitor Compliance in a Higher Education School of Education Setting

  • Tevera: Student Success and Program Improvement, All-in-One!

  • Digital Literacy Digital Divide in Youth Internship and Workforce

  • Streamlining the Signing of Forms: Using the Invite External Reviewers or Respondents Tool

  • Playing Matchmaker: Optimizing Your Student Placement Management Software

  • An Institutional Approach to Rolling Out Sonia: A University of Canterbury Case Study

Writing and Reference Management

  • ChatGPT for Automated Writing Evaluation in Scholarly Writing Instruction

  • How Productive Scholars Write

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