Qualitative & Sentiment Analysis

Powerful Qualitative Research, Simplified

Whether you need help with qualitative data coding, conducting employee or customer surveys, or asking complex questions of your qualitative data, there’s a Lumivero tool that’s right for you. Explore our solutions that allow you to organize, track, and analyze your data to start uncovering deeper research insights.

Understanding the True Meaning and Sentiment Behind the Words

Illuminating Truth by Asking Better Questions

Some of the greatest insights can often come from open-ended questions and interviews that yield unstructured data. Analysis of qualitative data requires meticulous organization and rigor to unlock meaningful insights that illuminate the true sentiment behind those answers.

How Does Lumivero Support Qualitative Research and Analysis?

NVivo provides a central place to organize, store, analyze, and share your data.
Import - Import text, audio, video, emails, images, and practically any unstructured content from any source into a simple, intuitive interface.
Organize - Code your data to more quickly identify themes and trends. Organize the people, places, and core metrics of your analysis as cases. Link cases to attribute values such as age and gender to compare different groups in your data.
Explore - Ask complex questions to discover meaning, emerging trends, and sentiment in your data. Quickly visualize your data with word frequency charts, word clouds, comparison diagrams, and many more.
Collaborate - It’s easy to get important data from other Lumivero products (like Citavi), Microsoft Excel and Word, and other apps like Survey Monkey, EndNote, and more. With NVivo Collaboration Cloud, you can share and work with teams in real-time on data, creating insights, and analyzing results.

The Process for Sentiment Analysis

Text analytics is a complex process — human perception of sentiment is always going to be more accurate. However, NVivo 14 can quickly identify expressions of sentiment in your transcripts or other content using the Auto Code Wizard.

With NVivo, you select multiple files, codes, or cases and use the Auto Code Wizard to produce results. The Wizard creates a code matrix by identifying themes or sentiment.
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Sentiment Scoring

The process uses a scoring system. Each word containing sentiment has a pre-defined score. Each sentiment node represents a range on a scale (of sentiment).
The score for each word determines the sentiment code it is coded to.
The score of words can change if they are preceded by a modifier (for example, more or somewhat), which intensifies the sentiment.
Words with a score that fall within the neutral range are not coded.

Bring It Together

With Lumivero, dig deeper into your qualitative data for rigorous insights. Deploy trusted tools for research, decision-making, and organization — so you and your colleagues can achieve new levels of efficiency and productivity and confidently make valid decisions. 

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