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Simplify writing, editing, organizing sources, and developing papers with the powerful tools of Citavi. Watch as we show you how Citavi will save you time and help you produce impactful ways to present your research (just as it did Lisa).

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Already have a lot of sources? Been working with another referencing tool? It’s easy to add PDFs, documents, books, and reference libraries you already have to Citavi, whatever the format! For many types of sources, Citavi can automatically add the citation information. Citavi also helps you find additional sources online or in the program.
Leverage existing data
Capture online information
Search online databases
Drag PDFs to your project or import multiple folders of files at once. Citavi automatically adds the citation information.
With Citavi's import filters, you can add sources from any other reference management program.
Citavi imports references in RIS, BibTeX, and ENW formats, Excel tables, Word bibliographies, etc.
For books, just enter an ISBN or other identifier, and Citavi retrieves its information, along with the cover art, abstract, and keywords, if available.
Citavi can also manage Office documents and image files.
Surf and save: whenever you find a book, article, or webpage online, use the Picker extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge to quickly send its information and any available full text to Citavi.
The Picker identifies ISBNs and DOIs on web pages and sends the reference information to your project.
The Picker can also send webpages and full-text PDFs to Citavi.
On news sites, the Picker pulls metadata from the page and automatically creates a PDF of the article.
Web content changes frequently. Citavi lets you save a copy of a webpage as a PDF in your project.
Search freely accessible databases, library catalogs, and research databases your organization has licensed – without leaving Citavi.
Save search queries you often use and avoid importing duplicates.
Add references from Google Scholar, PubMed, and every other online research database with an export option.
Citavi saves a list of your imports. You can always check where, when, and with what search terms you performed a search and view the references you added.


Citavi is the only referencing tool that puts knowledge management front and center. Choose from many different tools to organize your and your team’s information and insights (and references!) in the way you want.
Keywords and groups
Labels and filters
Stay organized in Word
Citavi offers you an extraordinary knowledge tool unique among referencing programs: a flexible, multi-level category system. With Citavi's categories, you can create an outline of your article with links to the relevant reference material.
Add references, quotations, images, statistics, summaries, comments, and insights to your category system, which you can later use in Word through the Word-Add In for Citavi Desktop or the Citavi Assistant for Citavi Web.
Use categories to create an outline for a future paper, report, or thesis. Or use them to organize your company’s library by topic or workgroup.
Tag references, quotations, images, summaries, comments, and ideas with keywords.
As an additional organizational tool, use groups to further classify your references or track what you’ve done with them. For example, group references that are primary and secondary sources or use groups to document which sources you’ve read and which you haven’t.
You can also use groups for sub-sections of your bibliography.
Create temporary selections using labels and Citavi's built-in filters (by category, group, year, periodical, publisher, etc.).
Combine and invert filters.
Define and save filters for complex search queries and share them with your team.
Jump start your writing project by using the Citavi Assistant or Word-Add-In to automatically bring in your Citavi category system as an outline together with the quotations, summaries and ideas all in place. Or use the categories to stay focused on your team’s topics.
View your references, quotes, images, comments, and ideas by the categories you defined in Citavi to find and use what you need quickly. Just click to insert the references, quotes, images, comments, and ideas you need for each section.
Citavi takes care of citation and bibliography formatting. Writing was never this easy!


Read and evaluate texts your way. Citavi fits all reading styles: you can minutely analyze and comment on the text – or quickly highlight the most important sections. Working in a team? Easily share your insights with your colleagues.
Excerpt quotations
See the big picture
NVivo Integration
Read PDFs and highlight important sections. You can later revisit the text and transform highlights for additional work in Citavi.
Write detailed evaluations for your references or quickly rate them with stars.
Save information and ideas while you read: copy quotations, summaries, thoughts, comments, and image quotations.
If you’re using Citavi for a paper or a report, assign them to the chapters, sections, and subsections in your outline.
All items automatically include their source information. Citavi protects you from unintentional plagiarism.
Citavi's hierarchical category system is perfect for organizing quotations, images, summaries, comments, thoughts, and ideas into sections for later use in a document.
Export all knowledge items as a compilation – with their categories and including a bibliography. This gives you a good overview of how far along you are in your project.
Compilations can also be used as a handout in team meetings or discussions.
With Citavi-NVivo integration you can combine Citavi’s organizational tools to manage references, keep track of key quotations as well as your ideas with the power of NVivo to explore patterns, visualize your literature and deepen your analysis.
Easily import Citavi references into NVivo, selecting the Citavi project and references to be added to NVivo.
Import key quotations as well as your ideas into NVivo codes.
With the Citavi Word Add-in or Citavi Assistant write up your article in Word complete with the quotations and your summaries cited with the bibliography.


With Citavi’s Task Planner you always have you and your team’s priorities and progress at your fingertips.
Work in a systematic way: keep track of major deadlines and project tasks.
Add tasks to references, for example, for requesting the purchase of a PDF.
In a team, assign tasks to your colleagues and view their progress.
Print a task list, for example, with books sorted by call number to save time during trips to the library.


Write research papers and dissertations with Citavi. Or articles or books. Or reports or research studies. Citavi plays well with Microsoft Word, and popular LaTeX editors.
Create bibliographies automatically
Access citation styles
Request a style
Write efficiently
Citavi automates the citation process.
Insert a quotation, and everything is formatted according to the citation style you selected, whether you're using footnotes or in-text citations.
All references you cite appear automatically in the bibliography – formatted exactly according to the citation style's specifications.
Citavi can also sort the bibliography into sections you define in your project.
APA, Chicago, MLA, Turabian, ISO 690 – only five of over 11,000 citation styles Citavi offers. Citation examples make it easier to choose.
If a journal or publisher's style is missing, we offer a new style creation service (fee upon application).
Personal styles can be created with Citavi's Citation Style Editor (Citavi Windows only). Just find a similar style and customize it to fit your needs.
Citavi works great with Microsoft Word.
View the references and knowledge items (quotes, summaries, comments, thoughts) saved in your Citavi project – by category, keyword, or group.
Just click to insert references and knowledge items into your document.
This lets you focus on your writing while Citavi takes care of the formal requirements.
No more writer's block if you do things the Citavi way!


No other reference management program gives you as many options for where to store your data – either alone or in a team.
Save to DBServer
Save online
Save locally
Manage PDFs and other files
Citavi for DBServer is designed for large teams in organizations.
DBServer projects are saved on an SQL server on-site and can be used with concurrent and/or per seat licenses.
An administrator manages licenses and assigns project roles to individual team members.
If you save individual or group projects in the Citavi Cloud, you can access them from anywhere in the world. There’s no limit on the number of team members.
If you’re offline, you can continue working and Citavi will upload your changes later on.
Projects are saved on Microsoft Azure servers located in Europe, the United States and Southeast Asia.
Save individual projects locally on your own computer (Citavi Windows only).
Work with a small group on shared projects at the same time on a local network.
You only need to save the Citavi project on a network drive that all team members can access.
Up to four people can work on a project at the same time on a local network.
Unlike in other reference management programs, you always have direct access to your PDFs in Citavi.
Better than your company’s Intranet. Save all PDFs in a central location and easily find them again.
More flexible than saving in folders – add to multiple categories and tag files.
Search the full text of all PDFs and combine it with metadata searches.


Citavi is the only reference management program designed for teamwork. Whether you have strict data requirements and need to keep all your information in-house or whether you’re collaborating on an informal group paper, Citavi has a solution.
Share projects with others
Citavi for DBServer
Organize your teamwork
If you save projects in the Citavi Cloud, you can access them from anywhere in the world and coordinate with your colleagues using the chat.
Cloud projects have no limit on the number of team members.
Invite partners with a Citavi license to co-edit your cloud project or grant them read-only access. No installation needed!
Citavi for DBServer was designed for large teams in organizations that want to save projects on-site instead of online.
DBServer projects are saved on your organization’s own Microsoft SQL server and offer additional licensing options.
An administrator manages licenses and assigns differentiated project roles to individual team members.
Assign different roles and rights to team members: administrator, project leader, author, and reader.
An indexed full-text search helps you find information in your library quickly.
Assign and delegate tasks to your team members. See which tasks are in progress or already finished.

Choose the Right Edition for You and Your Team

Citavi Web

Online browser-based for individuals and small teams regardless of what operating system team members have.

Citavi for Windows

Installed software for individuals and small teams who prefer to work in a desktop version.

Citavi DBServer

Data-secure server installation for organizations.

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