Quantitative Analysis

Collect, process, and analyze your numerical data.

Lumivero’s market-leading statistics and risk management software solutions provide actionable insights in even the most uncertain of situations. Simply put, we help you get the most out of your data, regardless of your research or industry domain: prepare, visualize, explore, analyze, predict data, and more  — no data analyst experience or statistics degree required.
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The Difference Between Taking a Guess and Taking Control

Unlimited Applications, Unlimited Control

Lumivero’s quantitative analysis solutions help you uncover new opportunities while avoiding potential pitfalls. From cost estimation and NPV analysis to portfolio optimization and insurance loss modeling — whatever scenario you need to model, we’ll help you make the best decision.
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Enabling Confident Risk, Decision, and Data Analysis

Leaders do not need to make decisions based on factors they can’t quantify with certainty. With @RISK and DecisionTools Suite, decision-makers use quantitative data to replace unknowns, plugging the information into Excel models to produce Monte Carlo simulations that generate thousands of possible outcomes and the probability that each will occur. The result is clear insight to guide the best decisions.
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Custom Scenario Building

Lumivero’s solutions includes a wide variety of Monte Carlo method features that make risk models easier to customize, audit, and test so you don’t have to make your decisions based on generic risk models. This means you can build your models based on the quantitative data that applies to your precise situation and generate simulations for outcomes that uniquely apply to you.

Simulations in Seconds

Sometimes you just can’t afford minutes, much less hours, to make a complex decision. Our Monte Carlo simulations run in mere seconds and produce statistical formats that make it easy to visualize what your quantitative data is telling you.
Will you come in under budget?
Do you have sufficient capital for the project you are undertaking?
Which component configuration will yield the least mean time-to-failure?
Whether it's simple or complex quantitative analyses, you can find out almost instantly the story your data is telling you.

Ready to Minimize Risk and Maximize Potential?

Lumivero’s quantitative analysis solutions let you crunch the numbers with powerful models the use Monte Carlo simulation and customs scenarios so you can make decisions about risk, investments, costs, and more with confidence.
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