MyLumivero Portal: Do More with Your Data

Companies everywhere are being required to do more with their existing resources, budget, time – the list goes on. But creating actionable insights out of your data can be a time-consuming and expensive process.

With the all-new MyLumivero platform, analyzing, actioning, and creating impact with your data has never been easier – empowering you to save time and money.

Centralized data intelligence that impacts your world.

MyLumivero empowers research and drives problem-solving insights. Our advanced data intelligence platform – with all Lumivero software in one centralized location – enables you to collect, organize, and analyze structured and unstructured data with even more efficiency.

Smarter, Better, Faster Solution Management Portal

The all-new MyLumivero platform helps you achieve your stretch goals and do more with your data. Here’s how:

  • Provides a centralized place to access, connect, and integrate your data to help you work smarter.
  • Incorporates AI-driven insights created from our market-leading solutions for better decisions and findings.
  • Introduces new APIs integrations to connect your disparate data to get started faster.

Now Available for NVivo Customers

NVivo and NVivo Transcription are now available in MyLumivero – with Citavi, @RISK, DecisionTools Suite, XLSTAT, Sonia, and Tevera coming soon! You can learn about and receive product support for all Lumivero products through MyLumivero right now.


Already have a lot of sources? Been working with another referencing tool? It’s easy to add PDFs, documents, books, and reference libraries you already have to Citavi, whatever the format! For many types of sources, Citavi can automatically add the citation information. Citavi also helps you find additional sources online or in the program.
Effortless User Experience
Take Administrative Control
The MyLumivero portal makes it easier to manage your software and perform your most important tasks quickly.
Manage NVivo Transcription Minutes: Admins can easily allocate minutes to their users and track remaining hours with the click of a button. All transcription credits now expire yearly instead of after 90 days.
Access Subscriptions: The improved portal design lets you easily access the subscriptions you have in place. All important information regarding your subscriptions such as expiration date, renewal settings, seat assignment, and more are accessible.
Assign Users & Groups: Streamlined user-management lets you easily assign or re-assign seats and bulk import new groups.
Save time on your administrative tasks. Our user-friendly subscription management page makes it easy for admins to assign/unassign licenses, download invoices, and access the correct version of NVivo – simplifying the most important workflows and reducing the number of clicks required to accomplish normal tasks by 25%.
Manage Administrators: As a top-level menu option, you can effortlessly manage admins, view license keys, and add or remove any roles as the account administrator.
See and Download Invoices: Manage your invoices with ease with clear invoice details (including product, price, and expiration date), downloadable invoices for your own record keeping, and an online payment feature for any outstanding invoices.
Find the Download You Need: Access the right version of NVivo for your needs, plus all the add-on installers, all in one place!

Discover and Explore

Soon, MyLumivero will contain the full breadth of our product portfolio within one dashboard – helping you explore all our products’ resources, free trials, and expert demos.

Stay Up to Date: We’ve made it even easier for you to stay up to date on all your favorite Lumivero products as soon they will all be available on the MyLumivero portal!


Everything You Need to Know 
About MyLumivero

What is MyLumivero?

The MyLumivero portal is a centralized solution management portal for Lumivero customers that features improved usability, enhanced subscription and transcription management, and clear product portfolio visibility.

Will MyLumivero replace the MyNVivo portal?

In 2024, MyLumivero will officially replace the MyNVivo portal. Until then, you can continue to access your software through both the MyLumivero and MyNVivo portals. As you explore MyLumivero, you’ll notice significant improvements in the MyLumivero portal thanks to the feedback we’ve received from users of the MyNVivo portal.

Will other Lumivero solutions be joining the MyLumivero portal?

The first products to launch in the MyLumivero portal are NVivo and NVivo Transcription – with Citavi, @RISK, DecisionTools Suite, XLSTAT, Sonia, and Tevera to follow! While the ability to manage these other Lumivero products will be available soon, you can learn about all Lumivero products and receive product support through MyLumivero right now.

Start Doing More with Your Data Today

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