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Solutions to Empower Data Insights and Outcomes

Lumivero offers a collection of software, tools, and platforms to get the most out of your data. Discover the power to aggregate, organize, analyze, report, and track like never before.

Lumivero Guides Your 
Analysis Across Your Data Landscape

Where your data is concerned, Lumivero believes the pursuit of clarity and truth is at the heart of everything we do. Our best-in-class solutions help uncover patterns, connections, and deeper insights within your data, foster collaboration, and drive value, now and in the future.

Professionals requiring intensive data analysis deserve powerful tools to generate more robust insights while simplifying the process end-to-end.

Aggregate & Organize

Bring any type of data - including video, audio, images, text, social media, website data, survey data, and many others - and seamlessly integrate it into your work. Lumivero makes it easy to gather and organize sources in any form and use them to augment the insights you’re generating.
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Analyze with Expert Methods

Searching hundreds of 20+-page interviews to do qualitative research requires a huge time commitment, as does poring over dozens of spreadsheets of data for quantitative analysis. Lumivero offers tools to help with feedback analysis, focus group analysis, qualitative variables, and decision analysis. It also provides automated text searches, word clouds, color highlights, and hyperlinks that aid researchers in organizing and working through the data without the slog of doing it all manually. Lumivero's quantitative analysis tools help take the guesswork out of big decisions by using Monte Carlo simulation to paint a realistic picture of all possible scenarios from your data.
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Present and Report

Once you’ve analyzed your data, it’s time to present your results in a compelling way, no matter which Lumivero tools you’ve used. Seamlessly export information into Microsoft Word or Excel, then quickly incorporate notes, outlines, external sources, bibliographies, multi-layered charts, tables, and more — all to generate a solid first draft you can edit and prepare for presentation.
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Track and Feedback

Lumivero offers a variety of tools to provide you audit trails and other tracking reports that show how you gathered and analyzed your data - including all your codes and how you organized them. Satisfy all requests to show your methods and processes through tools that can easily export the information to spreadsheets and prepare them for presentation.
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More Insights, More Impact

With Lumivero, you get best-in-class capabilities that enable you to create more impact with your data.
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