The Student Professional Growth and Program Improvement Platform™

Tevera connects all of your program’s stakeholders in one collaborative platform to power field experience and assessment management – unlocking valuable insights into student professional growth and program improvement.

Empower Student Growth

Empower students to take ownership of their professional growth through outcomes-based assessment and field experiences. With Tevera, you can create an environment designed to nurture their success by facilitating feedback and insightful collaboration with program faculty and external site supervisors.

Standardized Student Placement

Optimize the best placement workflow for your program so students can efficiently meet program requirements and focus on a meaningful field experience.

Simplified Time Tracking

Support students as they work to complete their field experience requirements on time by giving students, faculty, and external site supervisors consistent insight into students’ hours logged against program requirements.

Collaborative Field Experience Evaluations

Faculty, site supervisors, and students themselves can reflect on the student’s field experience and offer evaluative feedback – providing a checkpoint into student progress and helping them grow in their practice.

Supervisor Qualification Tracking

Meet accreditation requirements and ensure quality field experiences for all students by ensuring all supervisors are appropriately qualified.

Video Assessment

Support students’ skill development by enabling faculty, supervisors, and other students to provide contextualized feedback on live practice sessions.

What can I do with NVivo?

Use NVivo software for qualitative analysis of textual and audiovisual data sources, including but not limited to:
Organize and code multiple data sources in one central project.
Assign attributes to data (e.g., demographics) for comparative purposes.
Add interpretations and notes.
Query and search data.
Visualize data.
Share both data and results.

Who is NVivo for?

Whether you’re a student, an individual, or an organization, there’s an NVivo to suit your needs. Our student licenses provide unrestricted access to NVivo for 12 months. Student and individual licenses are for the use of one named user only.

How much does NVivo cost?

It's easy to buy student, individual and small group licenses (student license limited to one per account, individual and small group licenses up to nine) online.

To purchase ten or more NVivo licenses for your team or organization, Contact Us to reach our sales team or one of our international NVivo partners.

Unlock Program Insights

Drive your program’s continuous improvement strategy through structured, repeatable assessment processes and insightful reporting of real-time and longitudinal program performance.

Flexible Assessment Structure

Design a consistent, repeatable strategy for measuring student performance and competency development across your program for reliable insights into program and student growth.

Assessment Mapping

Reaffirm your assessment strategy and ensure all standards are evaluated appropriately throughout your program by viewing, exporting, and sharing your comprehensive assessment map.

Assessment Outcomes Reports

Gain insights to inform accreditation reports and continuous program improvement efforts by generating assessment outcome reports in a wide variety of formats.

Field Placement Reports

Export and share student placement information with relevant stakeholders and accrediting bodies to demonstrate that all students have participated in a quality field placement experience.

Data Exports

Design a consistent, repeatable strategy for measuring student performance and competency development across your program for reliable insights into program and student growth.

Deliver Impactful Stakeholder Experiences

Foster a culture of collaboration among all of your program’s stakeholders by bringing them together within a platform that helps them accomplish tasks efficiently while equipping them with the insights they need.

For Students

Empower students to take ownership of their field experiences and competency development with clear insight into program requirements and student progress.

For Faculty

Improve faculty workload efficiency through streamlined class management, real-time insight into student progress, and collaboration with external site supervisors.

For Field Directors

Give field directors insight into students’ progress toward securing placements and completion of field experience requirements. Equip them with the tools they need to build and grow their network of partnering field sites and supervisors – with all necessary information tracked in one comprehensive database.

For Assessment Coordinators

Give assessment coordinators the tools they need to execute your assessment plan and aggregate and report on assessment data – all in one system.

For Agency Partners

Give agency partners insight into students actively placed at their site. Empower them to keep site information up to date and promote ongoing student placements with their sites.

For Program Administrators

Help your program administrators find harmony between daily program operations and long-term program improvement with flexible processes and a wealth of programmatic insight.

For University Leadership*

Give university leadership the insight they need into your program’s operations and outcomes with student placement and assessment outcomes reports available at the click of a button.

Collaboration Cloud

Lumivero’s NVivo Collaboration Cloud allows research teams to work together in real-time, share data and insights, offer comments, and enjoy file storage in a platform that’s secure and easy to use. Research teams can work together as easily as if sitting in the same room.

Collaboration Server

Prefer to store your data on your organization’s on-site server? For teams working in one central location, NVivo Collaboration Server supports real-time collaboration with the added security of your data being stored on an on-site server within your organization’s own IT environment.


With the power of the NVivo Transcription module, researchers spend more time analyzing the data, not transcribing interviews and focus groups. NVivo Transcription automatically generates highly accurate transcriptions of qualitative interview data in 28 different languages.


The only all-in-one reference management and note-taking tool for researchers, Citavi optimizes how you organize your knowledge information and streamlines your writing and publishing. Plus, you can easily connect your Citavi and NVivo project files for greater efficiency.

NVivo Academy

Master NVivo with on-demand courses, customize your learning with focused modules, trainer-led virtual coaching sessions and onsite workshops or become an NVivo Certified Expert or Trainer.

NVivo 14 Licenses

Student Licenses provide access to all the features of NVivo, limited for 12 months.

Individual and small group licenses (up to nine) can be bought online.

Organization licenses are available. If you want to purchase ten or more licenses, or enter an entreprise agreement, contact our sales team.

  • "We’ve had the highest percentage of evaluations completed this term that we’ve ever had, thanks to Tevera!"
    Jane Doe
    DB, Program Chair
    “Tevera has been a blessing to our program. It facilitates tracking students’ hours, submission, signature, and storing essential documents for the school and students, all in one place.”
    Jane Doe
    LW, Program Administrator
    "With Tevera, we’ve tripled the number of sites we’re able to maintain partnerships with.
    Jane Doe
    KP, Program Chair
    "@Risk speeds up and significantly simplifies the model-building aspects of our work. We can focus more on the strategies and advice and less on debugging and error tracing."
    Jaco van der Merwe
    Director of Short-Term Insurance, Deloitte AIS
  • “During our self-study, the faculty really appreciated having Tevera as a tool. We were able to easily pull supervisor qualifications & license information. A project that took 3 days to do the last time we went through an accreditation took about an hour.”
    Jane Doe
    NW, Program Director
    “Tevera has focused us to reorganize and attend to key progress indicators more strategically.”
    Jane Doe
    TD, Program Director
    “Tevera is an easier platform to work with. I love running these beautiful rubric reports!”
    Jane Doe
    BR, Program Administrator
  • “Everything is easier to manage and I can keep track of each student for the full semester, reducing issues at the end of the semester”
    Jane Doe
    Anonymous, Program Faculty
    “Tevera’s been invaluable for insight into student placements. At any point, if I received a call from the Chancellor’s office to say, ‘There’s something going on at a site or at this place, do we have any students there?’ I can simply look that up and see at any point. So that’s huge for us. That’s not something that we could easily do before.”
    Jane Doe
    KL, Academic Operations Manager
    “Tevera gives me peace of mind as a student to see that my assignments have been submitted to staff at the site I’m interning at and the school I’m enrolled at.”
    Jane Doe
    Anonymous, Student
  • “Students are more engaged in field experiences and Tevera has allowed for improved communication between field supervisors, students, and field liaisons.”
    Jane Doe
    EO, Program Director
    “Tevera makes it so much easier to aggregate and pull evaluation data. Now, anyone who needs these insights can log into Tevera to get this data.”
    Jane Doe
    TS, Clinical Director
    “Tevera is easy to navigate which makes us more eager to work with our partner university’s students again in the future.”
    Jane Doe
    Anonymous, Site Representative
  • “Everything is much more streamlined now and requires less administrative time to oversee this aspect of our program.”
    Jane Doe
    TS, Program Coordinator
    “Tevera has made it much easier for us to gather assessment data for our CSWE accreditation self-study and yearly reporting.”
    Jane Doe
    EO, Program Chair
    “Tevera is easy to navigate which makes us more eager to work with our partner university’s students again in the future.”
    Jane Doe
    Anonymous, Site Representative
    "@Risk speeds up and significantly simplifies the model-building aspects of our work. We can focus more on the strategies and advice and less on debugging and error tracing."
    Jaco van der Merwe
    Director of Short-Term Insurance, Deloitte AIS

Enterprise Licensing:
Better Research, Insights, and Outcomes for all

Lumivero has the most complete collection of research, data and decision-making tools available anywhere, and we can help your whole team work better together — collaborating to aggregate, organize, analyze, and present your findings.

Lumivero’s enterprise licensing options offer volume pricing for teams and organizations needing nine (9) or more licenses.

Enterprise licenses allow the flexibility to install Lumivero software and solutions on multiple computers (up to the maximum number of licenses your organization has purchased) with a centralized management solution, putting you in control of your license management.

Lumivero’s team-based solutions allow you to:

Stay up-to-date with free upgrades to the latest releases
Reduce IT costs with one platform deployed across your organization
Reassign licenses to different users as teams evolve
Centralize license and subscription management in one place
Streamline budget allocation, especially for smaller groups and consultancy firms
Enjoy a Dedicated Customer Success Manager and pro-rated rates for new users

Get Started with Tevera Today

Explore the power of the industry-leading field experience solution and see firsthand how it can elevate your program.

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