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Insights with Impact

Lumivero offers custom-built software solutions that allow users to leverage tools to answer the important questions they are working to decode. Lumivero brings trusted research, decision-making, and organizational tools together that enable professionals to do their work efficiently and productively and to make decisions more confidently.

With a focus on transforming data, empowering real-time collaboration, and creating impactful insights, Lumivero creates a central data landscape across which its users can identify patterns and trends on which they can take decisive action.

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The leaders in data collaboration software for business and academia are now Lumivero

Lumivero Values

Core values that make an IMPACT.

Our belief in the power of these values is reflected in our annual IMPACT award. This peer-nominated honor celebrates employees who make an IMPACT by acting on these values every day.
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Lumivero Mission

Creating insights is at the core of everything we do.

Our mission is to organize, analyze, and collaborate on data to empower actionable insights and decisions.
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Supporting the Flow of Information

Lumivero supports real-time collaboration by research teams through its powerful collaboration capabilities.

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Creating Insights Is at the Core of Everything We Do.

Tools Designed by Experts for Experts.

From Analysis to Impact

Lumivero elevates data analysis through powerful tools to help generate the strongest insights while offering decision-making tools so leaders can measure their options and choose wisely.

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Transforming How You Handle Data

Focusing on real-time collaboration for combined qualitative and quantitative data, Lumivero will connect data in new ways to empower actionable insights and clear decision-making for growing industry segments, including academia and business customers. This is how we are setting the standard in research and data insight. This is Lumivero.

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Lumivero makes it easier to make decisions.

Lumivero collectively serves hundreds of thousands of customers, team members, and partners across six continents.


Global customers


Software licenses


Collect and organize data from diverse, disparate sources with solutions that clearly outline opportunities for creating insights.


Access a suite of expert methods specific to your data models to see the outputs you need for confident decision-making.

Present and Report

Translate your findings into digestible and sharable insights for group understanding.


Measure outputs in a style that works for you.

Collaborative Data Solutions for Global Impact

Through real-time collaboration on combined qualitative and quantitative data, Lumivero will connect data in new ways to empower actionable insights and clear decision-making for individuals, teams, and enterprise users.

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