Expert Analysis

Decoding Data to Uncover Richer Insights

Quickly organize and analyze data from qualitative, quantitative, and mixed method research with tools that help you identify patterns and trends to create more actionable insight.

Get Help Working 
Through Volumes of Data

Sifting through data in any format—hundreds of transcribed interviews, millions of rows of values, dozens of spreadsheets, or a combination of all of them and more—requires significant time and resources. Lumivero provides software solutions to help with any analysis you may need in decoding your data to reach conclusions that have powerful impacts on your business and in your industry. We help you organize and examine your data without the slog of doing it all manually.

Mixed Methods Research

Qualitative data can be difficult to analyze with just numeric metrics, while quantitative data doesn’t always provide the “why.” Lumivero offers tools to bring the two together, integrating with top survey platforms and generating categories and codes to ensure that both methods support and enhance each other.

Qualitative & Sentiment Analysis

Qualitative data is about attitudes, not numbers. It’s the “why” that tells such an important story, but it’s historically difficult to analyze. We provide software to analyze non-numeric data rigorously and properly, using tools that identify patterns and algorithms to help pinpoint the meaning behind the sentiments your subjects express.

Statistics and Forecasting

Gain clarity on complex datasets with Lumivero’s Solution suite of flexible data analysis tools. Analyze, customize, and share both current and forecasted results in any format you need.

Risk Management / Monte Carlo Simulation

Risk analysis is more than just weighing pros and cons. Monte Carlo simulations give you a look at the potential risk and reward of different scenarios and help you understand the likelihood of different outcomes based on real numbers, so you can understand where your decisions are likely to take your organization.

Decision Analytics

Decision-makers need more than just data to help them analyze their options. They need to understand the potential outcomes that can arise from the decisions they are going to make. Lumivero’s suite of tools helps you gain a complete understanding of the risks and probabilities for choices you need to make.


Researchers, publishers, and field-placement teams need the ability to collaborate seamlessly in real-time. Lumivero’s solutions make it possible for colleagues to work simultaneously, add comments, and share feedback and insights as though they’re in the same room.

Qualitative, Quantitative, Mixed Method — Bring It Together

No matter what type of data or analysis methods you use, Lumivero has software solutions that allow you to dig deeper into your data, create bigger insights, and make better decisions.

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