Share Data, Expertise, and Insights Across Teams Effortlessly

As teams expand in size and across geography, so does the importance of collaboration with colleagues. Share data, expertise, and insights across teams with Lumivero’s collaboration solutions.

Foster Collaboration for a Wider Reach of Insights

Collaborate For Impact

Delivering a uniquely competitive portfolio of data collaboration solutions that includes data aggregation, organization, analysis, and reporting on research findings, decision makers are presented with the opportunity to create global collaborative impact with their data.
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Simple as a Conversation

Citavi is the only reference management program designed for teamwork. Work simultaneously by accessing shared documents anywhere in the world. Index full-text searches and assign tasks and roles to team members, all while maintaining an overview of internal processes.

Whether you have strict data requirements and need to keep all your information in-house or you’re collaborating on an informal group paper, Citavi has a solution that fits your needs.
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Coordinate Meaningful Exchanges

Sonia enables you to coordinate with all your stakeholders the way they prefer during all key stages of your student placement program. Keep communication organized in one location using email, mobile app notifications, and automated messages all while working from an easy-to-use portal for work sites and universities to work together on matching students with ideal placement opportunities.
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Collaborate Regardless
of Platform

NVivo Collaboration Cloud uses the power of the cloud to host NVivo projects, providing remote teams with a secure way to store data, master project files and their team's analysis. The master project is stored in the cloud, allowing team members to download the project and conduct their analysis offline, and later upload to NVivo Collaboration Cloud so that the project lead can merge their contributions to the master project.

For teams working in one central location, NVivo Collaboration Server supports real-time collaboration with the added security of your data being stored on your own organization’s on-site server.
Streamline Collaboration.
Secure Central Storage.
Work Offline.
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Bring It All Together

Set your team up for success, no matter how your collaboration architecture looks, to deliver the best possible results.

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