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Insights to Manage Risk and Drive Decisions Through Transport Turbulence

Lumivero makes it easy to manage risk in the Transporation and Logistics industry collecting and analyzing data with powerful risk management tools that clarify scenarios and show the way forward.

Logistics Data Analysis, Effective Risk Strategies, Confident Routes Forward

Logistics companies need the insight to drive decisions and the tools of Lumivero provide just what they need. With our risk assessment software tools, transport firms can conduct risk simulations and gauge the likely risk/reward outcomes of the decisions they need to make. And with Lumivero's research software, logistics companies can get the most out of qualitative research to help them understand the needs and attitudes of the markets they serve. 

The transport industry is as complex as it is critical, and understanding logistical data is challenging. Trust Lumivero's solutions to better analyze data, interpret findings, and package the results your entire team can work with.

Improve Supply Chain Visibility

With margins tight in a difficult supply-chain environment, trucking companies need to eliminate inefficient processes and improve accuracy. When considering digital technology to replace outdated manual processes, trucking companies can employ Lumivero’s suite of products to measure the likelihood of coming out ahead financially and run simulations to demonstrate likely outcomes of their choices regarding their investments.
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Driver Retention

Competition for drivers is the key to any trucking company’s capacity to fulfill contracts with shippers. Lumivero tools allow trucking companies to analyze qualitative data from interviews and feedback surveys with drivers to identify indicators of the company’s ability to retain existing drivers and attract new ones in a highly competitive environment.
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Establish Better Pricing in Contracts

With carrier capacity at a premium, trucking companies need to ensure they properly price their services so they don’t put themselves at a competitive disadvantage. Lumivero’s tools can run analyses to help carriers identify the right pricing range for hauling freight while maintaining their capacity to continue serving the larger shipper market.
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Everything You Need to Know 
to Elevate Your Research

When looking to improve supply chain visibility Lumivero tools can help to measure the likelihood of potential financial outcomes and identify the ability to retain existing drivers and attract new ones in a highly competitive environment to show a clear path forward.

How does transportation risk analysis help me identify confident routes forward?

Quantitative data analysis through monte carlo simulations and risk analysis highlight how you can improve supply chain visibility, support driver retention and establish better pricing in your contracts. Check out our tools to help illuminate your data to the best path forward.

Featured Case Studies

Using Monte Carlo Simulation for Pavement Cost Analysis

LCCA. the US Federal Highway Administration developed a model and made arrangements with multiple agencies to prepare case studies illustrating the application of risk analysis to LCCA in pavement design.

NeuralTools Assists Airline to Determine the Most Profitable Price Points

A domestic airline catering to the tourism industry in Costa Rica needed a model for predicting demand and price elasticity.

Freight Rail PPP Projects Rely on Traffic and Revenue Risk Analysis using @RISK

Transae, the primary freight logistics company in South Africa, relied on @RISK to assess infrastructure expansion, to better understand the risks that might arise during large-scale and complex capital projects.
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"@RISK allows us to handle a huge quantity of data inputs, to calibrate lots of risk factors, to deal with correlations, and to conduct a large number of tests to stabilize the complex model developed for each of Transae’s high speed rail projects."
Dr. Lionel Clément
“London Underground has derived significant financial and performance benefits from using IRIS and its excellent @RISK-driven Monte Carlo functionality.”
Tylaar Haran
Group Facilities UIP Projects Manager, London Underground
“[@RISK] is an excellent decision-making tool; it provides scientific, defendable numbers for contingency, risk ranking, etc. There are too many useful features to count—but its flexibility of use, particularly because it is Excel based—may be the most valuable.”
Francois Joubert
National Program Risk Manager, Transnet Capital Projects

Enhance Logistics Management

With Lumivero, you can decode your data and reveal patterns in your business processes. Combine all your qualitative and quantitative data to provide clarity and depth to your current operations, then forecast and decide the best way forward.

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