Software Features

From accounting for risk to accelerating your literature review, our solutions contain powerful features that can help you gain insight into your complex data, present results through user-friendly charts and graphs, and save time with advanced AI-powered information management. Discover the wide variety of software features included in Lumivero software solutions that let you do more with your data.




  • @RISK
  • Citavi
  • DecisionTools Suite
  • NVivo
  • PrecisionTree
  • StatTools
  • TopRank

Decision Trees

Gain deeper insight into your complex decision by visually mapping out all possible routes with probabilistic decision trees. By modeling the life of the project,...

Sensitivity Analysis

Stop the guesswork and start identifying factors that make the largest impact on your output with probabilistic sensitivity analysis. By combining sensitivity analysis with Monte...

Statistical Analysis and Forecasting

Improve your forecasting and decision-making by applying powerful statistical analysis to your data, directly in your Excel spreadsheet. With predictive modeling and forecasting techniques, you...

Predictive Neural Networks

Sophisticated, predictive neural networks imitate brain functions to identify patterns in historical or new, incomplete data sets – letting you intelligently predict the future and...

Literature Review

Free Resources for Accelerating Your Literature ReviewTo help you get started with your literature review, we’ve collected some of our top resources showing how to...

Monte Carlo Simulation

The Monte Carlo method is a computerized mathematical technique that allows people to quantitatively account for risk in forecasting and decision-making. At its core, the...

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