Easily Manage and Import Data Tracking Methods and Performance

Researchers often have to document their methods and the steps they took when conducting research. Similarly, those who place participants in field-based education need to track and report on the progress and performance of those placements. Lumivero’s solutions track such audit data so you can easily export it into presentations and give audiences a clear path to understanding your work.

Always Leaving Breadcrumbs

Audit trails are common across any number of disciplines, and research, analysis, and academic and field-based placement are no exceptions. For field-based education, it’s critical to track and report on the progress and performances of those students placed in the field. Lumivero’s Sonia integrates with your current learning management program and provides tracking data to evaluate how well the students are doing, as well as how well the program itself is working.
For researchers needing to prove and present their findings, Lumivero’s NVivo remembers what you did, when you did it, and how you did it—making it easy to review details about how your work progressed. When someone asks for a report on how the process unfolded, it’s simple to set the parameters, retrieve the information, and export it as a report.

Never Worry About Leaving Breadcrumbs Again — With Lumivero

Whether you’re administering a research team or a learning management and placement program, Lumivero can provide the proof points you need to back up your actions and your findings.

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