Optimize and innovate

Innovative Optimization in Excel with Evolver

Find the best overall answer to complicated, nonlinear problems by exploring the entire universe of possible answers with Evolver. By performing optimization in Microsoft Excel using genetic algorithms, linear programming, and the OptQuest solving methods, you can find the optimal solution to linear problems large and small and determine the best overall global solution to nonlinear, complex problems where other solvers fail.

Solve Complex Linear and Nonlinear Allocation Problems

Evolver is an optimization add-in for Microsoft Excel that uses innovative genetic algorithm (GA), OptQuest, and linear programming technology to quickly solve virtually any type of problem that can be modeled in Excel. Evolver has a unique ability arrive at the best overall “global” solution to a problem—solutions traditional solvers typically miss.

What is Evolver?

Evolver, using innovative “mutations” and combinations of solutions, or “organisms,” is well-suited to finding the best overall answer by exploring the entire universe of possible answers. Plus the use of OptQuest as optimization engine with the unique set of powerful algorithms and sophisticated analysis techniques including metaheuristics optimization, evolutionary algorithms, tabu search and scatter search, to name a few. As a result, OptQuest enables users to shift from a “What if?” approach to a “What’s best?” approach. This includes complicated, nonlinear problems where the best local solution may not be the best absolute answer. After an optimization, the user can choose whether to keep the best solution, or revert the workbook the its pre-optimization state. This makes it easy to decide the best course of action. You can also generate reports directly in Excel for an optimization summary, log of all simulations, and log of progress steps.
Seamless integration into Microsoft Excel for the highest level of computational accuracy
Find the best global solution to complex, real-life problems
Faster optimizations
Monitor progress toward best solutions with Evolver Watcher

How Evolver Is Used

Evolver has a multitude of applications, including:
Investment Planning & Portfolio Optimization
Optimize multiple portfolio assets (such as stocks, bonds, real estate, or projects) to maximize return while minimizing risk. Perform efficient frontier analysis to identify the best portfolio for a given level of risk.
Supply Chain Management
Optimize multiple suppliers to minimize failure points and maximize probability of deliveries. Identify high-risk areas in the supply chain to create mitigation strategies.
Inventory & Capacity Planning
Manage inventory more effectively, improve capacity planning, and schedule workforces and equipment use more efficiently. Reduce time to market and improve delivery rates.
Capital Reserves
Determine optimal reserves levels subject to capital constraints and resource demands.
Product and Pricing Mix
Identify the optimal product mix offering and price points to maximize sales subject to cost, production, or other constraints.

Key Features

Genetic algorithm optimization

Find the best global solution to complex, real-life problems.

OptQuest solving engine

The OptQuest engine integrates Tabu Search, Neural Networks, Scatter Search, and Linear/Integer Programming into a single composite method. It provides great results – and quickly – on many types of models.

100% Excel calculations

Get the highest level of computation accuracy and never have to leave your spreadsheet.

Original, Best, Last model updating

Instantly see the effects of three solutions on your entire model.

Automatic selection of solving engine

Saves time and improves accuracy by automatically using the most appropriate engine for your model.

Enterprise Licensing
Better Research, Insights, and Outcomes for All

Whether your organization’s focus is qualitative, quantitative, or mixed methods data analysis, we can help your whole team work better together — collaborating to aggregate, organize, analyze, and present your findings. Lumivero’s enterprise licensing options offer volume pricing for teams and organizations needing nine (9) or more licenses.

Enterprise licenses allow the flexibility to install Lumivero software and solutions on multiple computers (up to the maximum number of licenses that your site has purchased) with a centralized management solution.

Lumivero’s team-based solutions allow you to:

Stay up-to-date with free upgrades to the latest releases
Reduce IT costs with one platform deployed across your organization
Reassign licenses to different users as teams evolve
Centralize license and subscription management in one place
Streamline budget allocation, especially for smaller groups and consultancy firms
Enjoy a Dedicated Customer Success Manager and pro-rated rates for new users

Included with The DecisionTools Suite

The complete risk and decision analysis toolkit, including @RISK, PrecisionTree, TopRank, NeuralTools, StatTools, Evolver, RISKOptimizer, and ScheduleRiskAnalysis.

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