Identify Critical Factors

Sensitivity and Scenario Analysis in Excel with TopRank

Quickly identify your critical factors with automated “what-if” sensitivity analysis – right in your Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. By identifying and ranking all input factors that affect your bottom line, you can make strategic decisions that help you achieve your goal.

Rank Variables for Scenario Planning and @RISK Analysis

Have you ever been faced with a large, complex spreadsheet model and been tasked with determining what the most important factors are? What if you need to determine how sensitive your profits are to particular variables, such as material costs or market share? Or perhaps you want to run a risk analysis in @RISK, but don’t know which variables are important enough to add distribution functions to.

Included with the DecisionTools Suite, TopRank performs automated “what if” sensitivity analysis on Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to answer these questions. Define any output or “bottom line” cell or cells, and TopRank will automatically find and vary all input cells which affect your output. You can also control exactly which cells you’d like to analyze. The end result is easy-to-understand tornado charts, spider graphs, and other reports which clearly identify and rank which affect your bottom line the most.

What is TopRank?

Simply take your existing spreadsheet model, select any cell or cells as outputs, and TopRank scans the spreadsheet to find cells which affect your results. Click the ‘Run What-if’ button and TopRank tries different values for each variable cell, changing values over ranges such as -10% and +10%. Each time a new value is tried, the spreadsheet is recalculated and new results are generated. Upon completion, TopRank ranks the variable cells according to the effect they have on your selected outputs. You can also select exactly which cells you wish to vary, and by how much, for a more customized analysis.

TopRank uses Vary functions in Excel to vary inputs across a range. TopRank functions are true Excel functions, and behave exactly as native Excel functions do. TopRank windows point to the cells they refer to via callouts, and changes in one place are automatically carried out in the other.
Works with Microsoft Excel
Identify Critical Factors Automatically
Streamline your @RISK analysis
Communicate Important Factors to Others

How TopRank Is Used

TopRank has a multitude of applications, including:
Investment Planning & Portfolio Optimization
Identify the most critical factors that lead to volatility or undesirable outcomes in investments.
Cost Estimation
Understand the factors that drive overages in materials and labor costs throughout the entire project.
Engineering Reliability
Gain insight into the factors driving variance and inconsistencies to ensure quality.
Capital Reserves
Determine the risk factors which most likely lead to loss scenarios to enable focused mitigation planning.
Oil, Gas, & Mineral Reserves
Understand what issues are most likely to derail an exploration project so that mitigation steps can be taken.

Key Features

Automated What-if Analysis

By automatically identifying all inputs affecting your designated output, TopRank removes all the guesswork – and wasted hours – from figuring out what’s important in your large spreadsheets.

100% Microsoft Excel Integration

TopRank integrates seamlessly with Excel, adding a host of new, native functions that enable you to work in a familiar environment with results you can trust.

Graphs and Reports

TopRank graphs enable you to communicate results intuitively and easily to other stakeholders, allowing you to quickly focus discussions on the most important priorities.

Next Step: @RISK

Once TopRank has identified the most important variables in your model, it’s time to define those variables with probability distributions in @RISK. This will let you describe the uncertainty inherent in those cells with ranges, the first step in a Monte Carlo simulation. With TopRank, you don’t have to spend hours guessing which variables to study.

Extensive Modeling Features

If desired, TopRank allows you to customize which cells to vary and how to change their values. Plus, you can experiment with varying two or more inputs at the same time. Analyze any scenario in seconds.

Enterprise Licensing
Better Research, Insights, and Outcomes for All

Whether your organization’s focus is qualitative, quantitative, or mixed methods data analysis, we can help your whole team work better together — collaborating to aggregate, organize, analyze, and present your findings. Lumivero’s enterprise licensing options offer volume pricing for teams and organizations needing nine (9) or more licenses.

Enterprise licenses allow the flexibility to install Lumivero software and solutions on multiple computers (up to the maximum number of licenses that your site has purchased) with a centralized management solution.

Lumivero’s team-based solutions allow you to:

Stay up-to-date with free upgrades to the latest releases
Reduce IT costs with one platform deployed across your organization
Reassign licenses to different users as teams evolve
Centralize license and subscription management in one place
Streamline budget allocation, especially for smaller groups and consultancy firms
Enjoy a Dedicated Customer Success Manager and pro-rated rates for new users

Included with The DecisionTools Suite

The complete risk and decision analysis toolkit, including @RISK, PrecisionTree, TopRank, NeuralTools, StatTools, Evolver, RISKOptimizer, and ScheduleRiskAnalysis.

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