An Idea Was Born: After the Interview

Great connections are made at conferences and the seeds of great ideas for collaboration are fostered through those connections. While the pandemic has moved conferences online those connections persist. I met Charlie Vanover, Paul Mihas and Johnny Saldana several years ago at the International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry (ICQI) at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. It began with an introduction from a mutual friend, attendance at some sessions Charlie was presenting, chats over pizza and over time, I was invited to chair their panel sessions and present. It was during those conference sessions that the idea for the book – After the Interview – was born.

After the Interview is a how-to guide of the qualitative research life cycle – after the interview. It covers practical strategies for transcribing, analyzing, and interpreting interview data.

Charlie and I shared an interest in the transcription process. At the time, QSR developed an automated transcription service and I was interested in the new affordances AI could offer transcription. An invitation to present on transcription at one of their sessions was followed by an invitation to write a chapter in their book.

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Free Webinars: Practical Strategies for Data Analysis

QSR together with
Sage Methodspace are pleased to be able to offer, Analyzing Qualitative Research: After the Interview Webinar series with the authors of the main sections of the book. There are eight webinars in the series which starts in October 2021 and runs through May 2022.

Topics include:

  • Transcription (with yours truly),
  • Using archived qualitative data,
  • Memo strategies,
  • Arts-based research,
  • Writing up and much more.

You can view the full schedule and session descriptions
here.  All sessions will be available as on-demand after they have run.

This is an excellent opportunity to learn about the practicalities of qualitative research from some great experts. Many of the authors aim to meet up at the ICQI conference in May, where pandemic willing, we will be able to meet some of you to continue the conversation.

Join us during the webinar series, pick up some great tips and start connecting!