Getting Started with NVivo

Step 2:
Download and Activate NVivo

Follow the instructions below to download and activate the latest version of NVivo.

Download NVivo

To download NVivo, log into your MyLumivero portal, click on Your Products, and click Download NVivo for Windows or Mac.
Launch mylumivero

Activate NVivo

After downloading and installing NVivo, activate your license by entering your MyLumivero credentials when prompted the first time you open the software.

Activate NVivo


NVivo Download FAQ

Check system requirements:

Before you download NVivo, check the system requirements for Windows or Mac.

Deactivate previous version:

If you’re upgrading from an older version, NVivo 13 (March 2020, R1), NVivo 12 and older, we recommend deactivating the previous version before downloading a new one - Windows and Mac.

Student licenses:

If you're transitioning from an NVivo 13 (March 2020) student license to the latest version of NVivo, please refer to these specific activation instructions for Windows or Mac.

Understand Compatibility:

NVivo project files are NOT backward compatible. Ensure you understand the compatibility limitations if you plan to work with others using previous versions of NVivo.

NVivo Activate FAQ

For information on how to:

  • Activate a new installation
  • Transition a trial license to a paid license
  • Reactivate NVivo to use a new license (e.g., if you need to switch from your personal license to your university’s license)

Visit our support page for Windows or Mac.

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