Getting Started with NVivo

Step 1:
Create a MyLumivero Account

The MyLumivero portal is a centralized solution management portal for Lumivero customers! You’ll need a MyLumivero account to work with NVivo 14 and the previous version, NVivo 13 (Release 1, 2020). An account isn’t required for NVivo 12 version and earlier.

MyLumivero has replaced myNVivo, the legacy portal for NVivo products and trainings. Learn more about this below.

Create a MyLumivero Account
How to Create a MyLumivero Account

To create your MyLumivero account, you’ll start with setting up a personal profile. This consists of a username (e.g., your email address) and a password. Use these to log into the MyLumivero portal, NVivo, and any modules you have access to from your personal account (or accounts shared with you by others).

See MyLumivero for more information.

mylumivero login
Use your MyLumivero account to:

  • Trial or purchase additional NVivo licenses
  • Activate, download and login to NVivo
  • Trial or purchase NVivo Transcription or Collaboration Cloud
  • View invoices
  • Manage users for multi-license purchases
  • Assign and manage NVivo transcription hours
  • Access NVivo Academy training courses

PLEASE NOTE: If you are using a previous version of NVivo (e.g., NVivo 12) you will need a MyLumivero account to access NVivo Transcription online. See how to transcribe through NVivo 12.


mylumivero login
What is the myNVivo portal?

MyLumivero has replaced myNVivo, the legacy portal for NVivo products and trainings. All NVivo products are now managed through the myLumivero portal. However, some NVivo products may still be accessed via the myNVivo portal.

Do I have a myNVivo account?

You will have access to a myNVivo account if you fit any of the following:

  • You signed up for an NVivo trial
  • You enrolled in an NVivo Academy training course
  • You have bought or been granted access to NVivo Transcription or Collaboration Cloud

Note: If you are using NVivo 12 or earlier you do not automatically have a myNVivo account.

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