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Getting Started with NVivo

NVivo is the most powerful and most cited software for qualitative data analysis. Whether you’re exploring NVivo on a 14-day free trial or have purchased a license and are ready to get started with your research project, follow these simple steps to get up and running fast.

PLEASE NOTE: Follow the instructions to download and activate NVivo 14, the latest version of NVivo.

Step 1:

Create a MyLumivero Account

You will need a MyLumivero account to trial or purchase NVivo.

Create Account
Step 2:

Download and Activate 

Quickly set up NVivo to be ready to use on your computer.

Setup Instructions
Step 3:

Start Using NVivo

Begin using NVivo software for qualitative data analysis. For a jump start on your data analysis, join the Lumivero Community to watch short demo videos on key features.

Start Using NVivo


FAQ Section

What is NVivo?

NVivo is the most cited, user-friendly data analysis software for qualitative research. With NVivo, researchers can import, organize, explore, connect, and collaborate on research projects to discover impactful insights from their data.

What can I do with NVivo?

  • Import text, video, audio, PDFs, images, spreadsheets, surveys, web content, social media, and more into one powerful interface for data analysis.
  • Organize your coding structure, segment the core metrics of your analysis into cases, and link cases to attribute values to easily compare different groups or units of analysis in your qualitative data.
  • Explore your data with visualization tools such as word frequency charts, word clouds, and comparison diagrams, and use machine learning to quickly identify themes and sentiments.
  • Connect to Citavi, Lumivero’s all-in-one writing and reference management software – streamlining the research process from idea through publication.
  • Transcribe your interviews and focus groups with powerful NVivo Transcription software that offers 90% accuracy from quality audio and video files in 42 languages.
  • Collaborate with your colleagues with NVivo Collaboration Cloud – the secure qualitative data analysis software designed to help research teams work together regardless of geographic location or operating system.

Does NVivo offer training videos?

Yes! Visit the Lumivero Community for demonstration videos on key techniques and check out our YouTube channel for more training videos to help you get started.

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