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Watch our on-demand webinars for expert-led tutorials and thought leadership discussions that will spark new ideas on how to use NVivo qualitative analysis software in new, innovative ways. 

To help you get started, below are our new users’ top favorite tutorials: 

Quick Technique Tutorials

Visit our NVivo YouTube for short clips on specific techniques to help you use NVivo efficiently and discover deeper insights.

NVivo 12 Tutorials

Watch these short, helpful videos to learn how to get started with key research tasks using NVivo.
Please confirm which version you are using.

For the latest version of NVivo:
Go to File -> Product Info -> About NVivo in the application to confirm which version of NVivo you are using.

For NVivo 12:
Go to File -> Help -> About NVivo

NVivo - Windows
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NVivo 12 Tutorials
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