The crisp new look for the NVivo Customer Portal is giving our customers a more cohesive user experience and introduces a new central access point for all the NVivo products and integrations.

Improved User Portal Experience - Get more done in less clicks  
NVivo takes the next step by establishing a truly updated customer centric, cloud-based portal approach. The portal provides a centralized hub giving you instant access to your account details, a single location for easily adding new technology, quick access to user education, onboarding, support, and a simplified purchase experience making it even easier for you to interact with the QSR team.

The updated user experience helps you get to what you need faster. Whether it’s access to the product for the first time, access to NVivo Academy, connect with support, or find transcription details. Accessing what you need just got a lot easier.

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Here’s some examples of what’s new:
Our reimagined portal design brings useful resources like the NVivo Community, NVivo Academy and help sections even closer to you with just a couple of clicks.

By removing the number of clicks to navigate around the portal, we give you easier access to things like the products you own, NVivo Transcription and NVivo Collaboration Cloud.

Settings have been folded into a user menu located in the bottom left of the screen


Will the portal login URL change?
No - you will still login to the same URL. The UI has just been updated to provide a more user friendly experience

Can I still access all of my purchases and invoices?
Yes, these have been moved into the user account menu in the bottom left hand corner of the screen

Is my payment information still secure with these changes?
Yes, QSR takes data privacy very seriously and we are continuing to utilize best in class technology to keep your payment information secure.

Will all users receive access to the new portal?
Yes, this will be rolled out to all users both new and existing.

Do I still have access to all of QSR’s resources through the new portal?
Yes, we have made accessing the community, academy, and help center much easier in the new portal interface.