The last decade has seen a revolution in terms of access to data. From peer reviewed medical journals, systematic reviews, epidemiology studies and statistical data, the challenge is bringing this together in a meaningful way. With data across so many different formats, finding connections can be difficult and time-consuming without the right tools. 

Achieve better research outcomes with NVivo 

NVivo is the most advanced analysis tool available to support your health research needs

NVivo empowers you to import virtually any data source, including audio/video files, emails, images, spreadsheets, online surveys, social and web content, into one central place so you can query and use visualisation tools to ask complex questions across all your data. 

By using NVivo to support your research, you can experience: 

  • Increased efficiency – Keep track of all your data by collecting, analysing and summarizing sources all in the one project.  
  • Time savings – Reduce the amount of time spent manually coding by teaching NVivo to auto code based on consistent themes, or reuse coding structures from previous projects. 
  • Better research outcomes – Get the whole picture of what your data is telling you by supporting statistics with rich qualitative insights and themes.  
  • Robust, defensible findings – Data is stored all in one place, allowing you to easily back up findings with evidence and keep an audit trail of your work. 
  • Enable smarter collaboration – Share project files across teams to analyse more data quickly and effectively.  

You can get started with NVivo now. Try it for yourself with a 14-day free trial.