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NVivo Automated Coding with AI

This short, interactive tutorial is designed to teach you how to use @RISK software by walking you through an actual risk model – all under 30 minutes! Build a model step by step, following the simple video instructions provided.

The Quick Start model shown in the videos is bundled with the software. You can access the model by clicking on the Quick Start link shown in the software welcome screen at launch, or by selecting Example Spreadsheets from the software Help menu.

Download a trial version of the DecisionTools Suite to follow along, if you haven’t already purchased the software.

These videos show three ways to use automated insights or autocoding powered by AI in NVivo for the machine learning auto coding features that automatically detect and code themes or sentiments.

Automated insights let you work through large sets of data more efficiently — helping you get quick results to see what is happening in your content. NVivo’s autocoding with AI lets you focus less on the time-consuming process of coding and more on the analysis of the results.

The process involves selecting a set of files and using the autocoding feature to produce results. In a few simple steps, the NVivo autocoding makes it easy for you to gain an understanding of your data.

Learn how to use the power of NVivo’s machine learning auto-coding options: pattern-based coding, thematic coding, and sentiment analysis.

Autocoding pattern-based coding


Autocoding to identify themes


Autocoding for sentiment analysis


Automated Insights with Dr. Silvana di Gregorio, Research Director at Lumivero

Pattern-based coding starts at 00:49
Thematic auto-coding starts at 06:13
Sentiment auto-coding starts at 10:20

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