Basic Business Models

A set of example files which shows you how to use the more useful features of @RISK to a basic model.
1. A deterministic model to get started.
2. A basic @RISK model with uncertain revenue and cost.
3. A version where revenue and cost are not only uncertain but correlated.
4. A version that illustrates the RiskSimtable function for examining the effect of different standard deviations of revenue and cost.
5. A version that illustrates @RISK's Goal Seek feature for forcing the standard deviation of profit to a specified value.
6. A version that illustrates @RISK's Stress Analysis feature for examining conditional (usually tail) distributions of profit.
7. A version that illustrates @RISK's Advanced Sensitivity Analysis feature for checking how sensitive an output is to various inputs.
8. A version that checks whether the forms of the input distributions have much effect on the output distribution.

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