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Download DecisionTools Suite Textbook Edition for Pearson Higher Education Textbooks

This short, interactive tutorial is designed to teach you how to use @RISK software by walking you through an actual risk model – all under 30 minutes! Build a model step by step, following the simple video instructions provided.

The Quick Start model shown in the videos is bundled with the software. You can access the model by clicking on the Quick Start link shown in the software welcome screen at launch, or by selecting Example Spreadsheets from the software Help menu.

Download a trial version of the DecisionTools Suite to follow along, if you haven’t already purchased the software.

This is a special Textbook Edition of the DecisionTools Suite Industrial, which includes @RISK, BigPicture, PrecisionTree, TopRank, NeuralTools, StatTools, Evolver, and RISKOptimizer. It will expire 1 year after installation.

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Valuation: The Art and Science of Corporate Investment Decisions, 2nd Edition

by Sheridan Titman and John D. Martin

You must download this special teaching note in addition to the textbook software. This teaching note, developed by Domingo Castelo Joaquin, provides step-by-step instruction for simulating the net present value and the internal rate of return of a five-year project. The uncertainties lie in the initial level of sales, sales growth rates, gross profit margins, operating expenses before depreciation, and the terminal value multiples for net working capital and plant, property and equipment. The problem is based on the opening example in the chapter on Project Risk Analysis of Titman and Martin’s Valuation text, with a multi-period version of uncertain variables added, and separate random variables representing the terminal value multiples for net working capital and plant, property and equipment. Check your Pearson Higher Education textbook’s companion site for the most up-to-date information regarding your book Here

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