NVivo Focused Learning: Qualitative Research Coding with Autocoding AI

Expand your knowledge of coding with our Focused Learning: Coding module! This module is designed for students and professional researchers who are using the latest version of NVivo for both Mac and Windows.

  • Master coding techniques across multiple qualitative methodologies
  • Use auto-coding to automatically generate codes and themes (Windows Only)
  • Explore more in-depth relationships between data

Select which computer and/or device the software will be used on.

Select the industry, sector, or institution type that best describes where this software will be used.

Select upgrades and supplemental add-ons that will enhance the functionality and performance of your software.




Coding, or gathering content by topic or theme, is a fundamental task in most qualitative projects.

It’s an iterative rather than a one-stage process, and the meaning and structure of your codes will most likely change over time. This course takes the Core Skills’ introduction to coding to deeper levels in exploring key aspects of coding and methodologies.

Learning Outcomes

Make a distinction among the following qualitative methodologies: thematic analysis, grounded theory, phenomenology, conversational analysis, discourse analysis, narrative analysis and content analysis

Learning Outcomes

Use NVivo to code qualitative data – creating codes, categories, and themes

Learning Outcomes

Use the auto-code function in NVivo to automatically generate codes and themes

Learning Outcomes

Use NVivo to analyze data under a specified qualitative methodology

Learning Outcomes

Use NVivo to explore relationships among a group of participants, codes or themes


Focused Learning: Coding Online Course FAQ

Total commitment and Course Access

8-10 hours

4 weeks from log-in


Trainer-facilitated forum

Trainer-facilitated forum

Trainer-facilitated forum

Format and Recognition

Online, self-paced learning via videos, screenshots and examples.

Certificate of Completion

Version and Operating System

NVivo 14, or the previous version of NVivo 13 (March 2020, R1)

Windows & Mac


Basic understanding of coding elements as covered in NVivo Core Skills course.

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