NVivo Core Skills Online Course

Expand your knowledge of coding with our Focused Learning: Coding module! This module is designed for students and professional researchers who are using the latest version of NVivo for both Mac and Windows.

  • Master coding techniques across multiple qualitative methodologies
  • Use auto-coding to automatically generate codes and themes
  • Explore more in-depth relationships between data

Select which computer and/or device the software will be used on.

Select the industry, sector, or institution type that best describes where this software will be used.

Select upgrades and supplemental add-ons that will enhance the functionality and performance of your software.




Learning outcomes – master the core functionalities to apply the latest version of NVivo to your project, including:


Importing Word docs, PDFs, audio, video and images into NVivo; use Transcription


Organizing codes, code text and create codes; apply coding stripes and highlights; use cases with classification and attributes; memos and linking to files


Exploring lexical queries, word frequency and text search; apply code and matrix queries; illustrate with visualizations such as mind maps, comparison diagrams and chart coding


NVivo Core Skills Course FAQ

Designed for

Researchers and students who are new to the latest version of NVivo 14, or the previous version of NVivo 13 (March 2020, R1) or as a refresher to upgrade.

Total commitment

12-14 hours

Learning support

trainer-led; 1 x live webinar & forum

Course access

4 weeks from log-in


online, self-paced


Certificate of Completion

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