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Aug. 22, 2023
Introduction to Optimization with Evolver and RISKOptimizer
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Aug. 17, 2023
Optimizing Manufacturing Operations with Monte Carlo Simulation for Supply Chain Risk Management 

The increased costs, lack of reliable transportation, and scarcity of supplies all clearly tell the story that’s reigned on news feeds since 2020; The global manufacturing sector is still adjusting to the disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine and there remains high supply chain risk. A September 2022 analysis of the […]

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Aug. 9, 2023
Introduction to Decision Analysis Using PrecisionTree
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Aug. 8, 2023
Demystifying Research and Evaluation

A Conversation with Dr. Dana Lanell In a recent podcast episode, we had the privilege of delving into the complexities of the evaluation profession with Dr. Dana Lanell, an esteemed Assistant Professor of Psychology and Evaluation at the University of Wisconsin-Stout. The conversation was rich with insights into the often-misunderstood field of evaluation. Starting out, […]

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Jul. 26, 2023
Manufacturing Supply Chain Management: Optimizing Production and Supplier Specifications Using Monte Carlo Simulation 

How to Optimize Production and Inventory and Improve Tolerance Stacking Through Risk Analysis and Forecasting Supply chain management issues continue to be top of mind for manufacturers, specifically issues relating to optimizing production and inventory. According to a survey of more than 200 manufacturers published by Deloitte in September 2022, part shortages impacted 57% of […]

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Jul. 25, 2023
Intro to Risk Analysis with Monte Carlo Simulation Using @RISK

This webinar presents an introduction on using Monte Carlo simulation to perform quantitative risk Analysis. We'll present a practical example of Cash Flow, including CAPEX, OPEX, production/sales and price risks, to show how you can quantify risks to improve your forecasts, planning, and overall management of a project with the use of probabilistic analysis.

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Jul. 24, 2023
Introduction to Forecasting Using Regression Models with StatTools

This webinar will present how to use StatTools (part of the DecisionTools Suite) to build predictive models based on historical data using Multiple Linear Regression.

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Jul. 21, 2023
Hedging Iceberg Lettuce Production: Palisade Software Determines Best Method for Managing Margins in Agriculture

Many California produce farm operations use a rule-of-thumb to determine a hedge ratio for their seasonal productions. They often aim to contract 80% of their crop in advance to buyers at set prices, leaving the remaining 20% to be sold at spot prices in the open market. The rationale for this is based on many […]

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Jul. 13, 2023
Identifying Optimum Mitigation Strategies for Debris Flow Hazards with PrecisionTree

Application Modeling the frequency and magnitude of future debris flows to determine the optimum hazard mitigation strategy. Communicating risk to clients by displaying the probability of event paths for three decisions: Existing conditions Constructing a containment dam Relocating existing residences Summary Duncan Wyllie, a Principal of Wyllie & Norrish Rock Engineers, uses the Palisade software […]

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Jul. 13, 2023
Leveraging Probabilistic Analysis to Improve Rock Fall Protection Structure Designs with @RISK and PrecisionTree

Application Modeling rock fall masses, trajectories, velocities, and energies to design rock fall protection structures. Communicating risk to clients by calculating impact energy probability so that the impact capacity of the protection structure can be matched to the consequence of an accident. Summary Duncan Wyllie, a Principal of Wyllie & Norrish Rock Engineers, uses @RISK […]

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Jul. 9, 2023
Notice of Legal Entity Change to Lumivero LLC 

This is the official notice that, in connection with the acquisition of Palisade Group Holdings, Inc., Palisade Company LLC, QSR International, LLC, and Addinsoft, Inc., and their subsidiaries, by Lumivero LLC (“Lumivero”), Lumivero has assumed all of Palisade Group Holdings, Inc., Palisade Company LLC, QSR International, LLC, and Addinsoft, Inc.’s rights and obligations under the […]

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Jul. 5, 2023
Optimizing Manufacturing Supply Chains with Monte Carlo Simulation

How to Keep Supply Chains Flowing Amid Global Threats with Risk Analysis for Optimizing Manufacturing For manufacturers, COVID-19 revealed many vulnerabilities in today’s complex global supply chains and highlighted a need for optimizing manufacturing supply chains. Lockdowns shut factories, border closures disrupted shipping routes, and sudden shifts in consumer demand resulted in swollen inventories for […]

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