On-demand Webinar

The NVivo 3-Part Overview Demo Series

NVivo Community Director, Stacy Penna, takes you through a step-by-step tour of the new NVivo Import, Organize and Explore modules for Windows.

You can master the new NVivo with our on-demand and certified online courses for both Windows and Mac. Go to NVivo Academy.

NVivo Import
Import a range of data sources, like interviews, surveys, journal articles or audio/video recordings into files, construct file classifications and work with external sources.

NVivo Organize
Organize your coding into themes, create cases with demographic attributes for your units of analysis, under notes write memos to reflect on your research and use sets to group your files or codes. 
NVivo Explore

Explore your data with queries that run word frequencies, text searches and coding comparisons. Visualize your data with word clouds, charts and maps. Run reports on your project, coding and more.

Discover the power of NVivo today. Get started with your free trial.
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