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Enterprise @RISK Management Conference 2024 Highlights

Dive into the world of enterprise risk management

Enterprise @RISK Management Conference 2024

We brought industry experts and @RISK software users together to explore the latest trends, strategies, and tools in enterprise risk management. From strategic risk to cybersecurity and technology risk, our six one-hour sessions covered a wide range of topics led by thought leaders and experts. Plus, we offered a unique opportunity for risk professionals across multiple industries to exchange ideas on risk analysis and explore opportunities for collaboration.

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Lumivero Virtual Conference 2023

1 Keynote Industry Leader Speaker
6 One-hour Sessions
4 Industry Networking Sessions
Day of Insights for Better Decisions, Better Outcomes
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Keynote Speaker

Keynote Topic: 

Risk Management for Success

Norman D Marks

Norman D. Marks, CPA, CRMA

Author, Speaker, Thought Leader, OCEG Fellow, Honorary Fellow of the Institute of Risk Management, Member of the IIA's American Hall of Distinguished Audit Practitioners

Most risk functions add value by helping management and the board identify, understand, assess, and then manage or mitigate downside risks. But Norman Marks argues that there is far more to risk management. It should be about helping the organization succeed and achieve its objectives. That is why he talks about "risk management for success". How does the risk practitioner work with management to take the right risks, recognizing that no enterprise will succeed if it doesn't take risks through what he calls informed and intelligent decisions. Join him for this presentation when he expands on this approach.

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Session Topic: 

The Dark Art of Strategic Risk

Pete Müller

Expert in Enterprise Risk, Communicating it simply through effective story-telling.

Strategic risk remains inconsistently addressed worldwide arising from diverse interpretations of the term and the absence of a universally accepted framework. However, Strategic Risk is no different from any other risk type. With clarity and structured approaches, managing Strategic Risk need not be shrouded in mystery. Its goal is the same as when managing any other risk type – help the business achieve its objectives.

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Session Topic:

Managing Risk in Projects with ScheduleRiskAnalysis

Manuel Carmona

MBA-RMP, Risk and Decision Analysis Specialist, EdyTraining Ltd

Dive into our hands-on workshop that makes mastering project timelines and budgets simpler than ever! Using Monte Carlo simulation, we start from your basic project plan, whether it's in MS Project or Primavera P3.

This isn't just about crunching numbers; it's about seeing into the future of your project. What’s the likelihood it be late? Will it go over budget? What’s the estimated delivery date? We'll show you how to take those big question marks and turn them into a clear picture of what to expect –perfect for project managers and risk gurus looking to make smart choices, keep everyone in the loop, and plan like pros. Come see how these smart simulations can slash risks and make managing your projects a breeze.

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Session Topic:

Leading Risk Management Standards

Glen Justis

Senior Partner, Experience on Demand, LLC. 

Forward thinkers know risk management is most effective when done in advance. But what are prevailing standards and leading practices that promote risk management excellence? This presentation provides perspective on risk management standards that have “stood the test of time”. In particular, we focus on ISO 31000 (the dominant international standard) and the U.S. based COSO standard and how each has evolved. Commonly applied risk management maturity models and lessons learned in real world implementation are also included. We’ll conclude with perspectives on leading analytics that can help take any risk management program from “good to great”.

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Session Topic:

Enhancing Financial Risk Analysis with a Probabilistic Approach

Lachlan Hughson

Founder, 4-D Resources Advisory LLC

Understanding financial risk with respect to the financial models we use, from budgeting and valuation through M&A and capital raising, is a critical part of the finance function. Yet our current deterministic, static approach to financial modeling is sub-optimal at best given it cannot properly incorporate the dynamic, variable nature of real-world inputs or generate insightful, quantitatively rigorous outputs.

How do we resolve this fundamental flaw? By using @RISK to enhance our financial models to better understand the probabilities associated with the output metrics and sensitivity analyses undertaken. And, critically, through making this probabilistic approach commercial from day one.

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Session Topic:

What Keeps CEOs Awake at Night when We Talk IT Risks?

Mariama Zhouri

Managing Partner, HammerSmith Consulting

CEOs normally have a wide range of worries that, depending on the challenges facing their organization, sector, or overall economic climate, can keep them up at night. Let's look together at how risks are perceived – ranging from a technological to reputational, market, financial, talent acquisition and retention, and regulatory standpoint. We will also explore how disruptive technologies and external threats affect top decision-makers’ IT risk awareness and how their organizations will evolve in a digital world.

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Session Topic:

Communicating Monte Carlo Simulations to Senior Management

JD Solomon

PE, CRE, CMRP, Founder of JD Solomon, Inc

Need helpful tips for communicating results to senior management? Join this session where the @RISK practitioner will share a proven approach! Some key aspects that will be covered include how to quickly define key concepts, presentation structure, essential visuals (including tips on tornado diagrams and tables), and traps to avoid. Two examples will be used as the backdrop for the discussion.

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Session Topic:

Industry Networking Sessions:

Norman D Marks

These sessions provide the opportunity to connect with peers, colleagues, and industry experts in an informal setting. Share insights, exchange ideas, and forge valuable connections that can enhance your professional network and bolster your risk management strategies.

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