NVivo Trainer Certification

Designed for: researchers who want develop their training and consulting skills using NVivo.

Each certification includes:
  • 12-month complimentary NVivo license
  • NVivo Certified Trainer badge for your website, email signature or social channels (1 year validity)
  • Opportunities to offer a certified professional service
  • Invites to quarterly Expert & Trainer update sessions
Learning outcomes:
  1. Design your own NVivo accredited training program
  2. Develop troubleshooting, facilitation and effective training skills
  3. Raise your profile in the research community and build strong connections
Certification prerequisites:

Valid NVivo Expert Certification. Conducted a minimum of 10 training or consulting events within the past 18 months. Sessions must have been conducted in the current and/or previous version including workshops, seminars or consultancies. Feedback and referees maybe be requested.

Course outline:

This course must be completed within 6 months. Short course modules are self-paced and completed online. Webinar sessions and online courses for observation and facilitation are scheduled on request as available. One-on-one coaching and feedback sessions are arranged to suit. Key components of this course include:

  • effective training techniques
  • troubleshooting skills
  • course development
  • teaching skills
  • compliance training

Select which computer and/or device the software will be used on.

Select the industry, sector, or institution type that best describes where this software will be used.

Select upgrades and supplemental add-ons that will enhance the functionality and performance of your software.




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