Certified Course - Windows & Mac

Designed for:  researchers and students who want to deepen their expertise in NVivo to advise others at their institution or organization
Total commitment:  20-30 hours
Learning support:  online coaching by a Platinum Certified Trainer
Course access:  3 months from log-in
Format:  online, self-paced with an Expert Certification assessment
Assessment:  multiple choice test and project challenges
Certification:  digital Expert Certification badge based on version

Each certification includes:
  • 12-month complimentary NVivo license – Windows or Mac
  • NVivo Certified Expert badge (valid for 12 months) for your resume, email signature or social channels
  • Invitations to join quarterly Expert & Trainer update sessions
  • Pre-requisite certification for an NVivo Certified Trainer
Learning outcomes:
  1. Consolidate and enhance your advanced skills of NVivo to be an in-house NVivo expert and advisor
  2. Ability to raise your profile in the research community and build strong connections

Certification prerequisites:

A minimum of two (2) NVivo projects completed in the current version of NVivo, or immediately previous versions in the past six (6) months. A background in qualitative analysis and/or mixed methods which consists of a combination of courses in qualitative analysis and/or a track record of doing qualitative research for minimum of five (5) years.

Course outline:

This certification course must be completed within three (3) months with self-paced online modules. The Expert multiple choice examination can be taken at any time which counts for 30% of the final assessment.

Once the multiple choice test has been passed, two project challenges need to be completed and submitted for review by a Platinum Certified Trainer. There is one challenge covering core concepts which all participants must complete, the second challenge will be randomly selected. You will have two (2) hours to prepare and submit your answer. Each challenge counts as 35% of your final certification assessment.

Please note: 

  • In your application, please indicate whether you are using the previous version (NVivo 12) or NVivo (March 2020 release). This will be the version you will be certified for.
  • A reduced rate is offered to Certified Trainer candidates applying within six (6) months of successfully completing the NVivo Certified Expert course.